Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Seven years ago today, Jessica was born, weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz.
She was delivered via a scheduled c-section, which turned out to be a very good plan
as Jessica was born with an actual, true knot in her umbilical cord, unbeknownst to us until her delivery. The doctor made it sound sort of cool during the procedure, but afterwards they let us know how lucky we were that nothing bad happened in-utero. Whew!
Sixteen month (almost...shy about 4 days) old Amy was ever curious about her new sister and quite fascinated with her nose.

Daddy called her peanut and that nick name has stuck ever since.

Maybe because she's just a little thing who at times needs help doing things

She is very caring and generous. Sensitive, emotional and strong.
She has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to giggle.
Yesterday morning she informed me it was the last morning she would be six. The lump in my throat caught me by surprise. My "baby" is growing up to be a beautiful young lady, one who makes me so proud to be her mom.

Happy 7th Birthday, Jessica!



Kathi Carlson said...

What a great story! So lucky you are. It was meant to be that way. Love your photos. Happy Birthday, sweet Jessica!

That lump in your throat is going to get bigger. As of next June, my "babies" will both be in their 30s. And another "coincidence," Bjorn is four days shy of being 16 months older than Mathias.

I hope Jessica's day and yours was a good one!!

Carolyn Christie said...

"She is very caring and generous. Sensitive, emotional and strong"....

Not to memtion Adorable!! :) She is too cute! How awesome that Jessica & Micah share the same BD! :)
Happy Birhtday Jessica! You have an awesome Mom!!

Sparkle said...

Such cute pictures! Have a great celebration! :)

Sharli said...

Aww, Jeanne! I have tears in my eyes - (the happy kind!) - what a sweet tribute to Jessica! When I read her words to you about "last day I'll be 6" it gave me a lump, too!


Sarah said...

Ahhhh Jeanne..I have tears in my eyes!!! Seriously. My Baby just turned 8, just a year ahead of your baby. She is just gorgeous. My little girlie was a peanut too :-)
You are a wonderful family and I am SO GLAD I got to know you through your blog!
Take Care Jeanne!

Jena said...

A day late but happy birthday, Jessica! Love all the pics you shared - hope you had a great day!

mE said...

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!! :) Hope you had a great one! I know how much your mama loves you! :)



Kim Burmeister said...

Hope Jessica had a fantastic birthday! I love all the pics. She is such a cutie!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! She is so gorgeous. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

stampmonkey said...

That was so sweet, Jeanne! I love all the pics and all that you shared about Jessica. She is one darling little girl...and I love how she thinks. And even though she is growing up (too fast), she'll always be your baby. ;)