Monday, October 19, 2009

Successful Socks!

I finally got the socks done last night! As I looked at the finished product, I worried that they would be too big...sigh. Happily, they are a perfect fit as you can see. What a relief!

I had to get a shot of Amy's new dress. I went to the ARC thrift store yesterday to look for some pants for the girls. No luck on the pants, but I found this adorable dress for $2.99. And I found one for Jessica, too, same price. Only Jessica's is for colder weather and it's supposed to get to just about 80 degrees today. Yes, last weekend we were freezing our tushies off and this weekend we felt like summer was starting up again.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have finally been successful on creating a pair of socks for Miss Amy (who's thrilled to be wearing them to school today) and can move on to other projects. I have 3-4 in the works and now to decide which one to actually work on. (no socks on the list, I'm giving myself a break from those for a while)

I tried to slice the side of my middle finger on my left hand off while cutting lettuce for tacos last night. Amy was cutting tomatoes. I told her, this is what happens when you try to do things too fast and aren't careful. To which she replied...I'm always careful with a knife Mom. LOL Too funny. Amy did a great job doctoring up my finger. Anyway, the tacos were good, even if I did cut too much lettuce.

Hope you have a great Monday! Thanks for stopping by!



Laurel said...

Love them! Cute little girl too!

Kim Burmeister said...

Cute socks and model! YAY! They are perfect this time!

Carolyn Christie said...

Cute daughter, dress & socks!

Sparkle said...

Yeah on the socks! They're just darling. Tacos sound good!

Sarah said...

Yeahhhh for cute socks on darling feet!! Score on the dress Jeanne.

Sharli said...

Love the socks! I had a feeling they'd show up soon!!!

I'm so sorry about your accident - but I LOVE your daughter's reaction to it! I also love that you used it as a teachable moment. What a good Mom you are!!!!!

Alanna said...

The socks look fabulous Jeanne. I'm glad you finally got them done. I'm sure you feel as though a burden has been lifted.

Sorry to hear about your cooking injury. Maybe that's why I don't cook much? LOL

Kathi Carlson said...

The socks are perfect, Jeanne! Love Amy's dress, too! She's a such a cute little (getting bigger) girl.

Her reaction to your mishap was awesome. I've been "put in my place" so often by little ones, I've lost count. LOL. I think today's kids are smarter than I was when I was a young one. More sophisticated might be a better word. I hope your cut was a clean one that heals fast. Take care!!

Jena said...

Hooray - so glad to see the finished socks - good for you for sticking with it! Great find on the dress, too! Be carefull fixing dinner tonight!

I also enjoyed reading how you feel like you are turning into your mom or dad - I find a lot of my parent's traits in me, too ;-) so that made me chuckle.

stampmonkey said...

Hooray for another pair of knitted socks, and a sweet smiling face because of it...not to mention the other one behind the camera! ;) Amy's dress is really cute too -- looks like you are scoring all over the place! Good for you! Well, all except for the sliced finger. That, I'm sure you could've done without. Hope it's starting to feel a bit better. The only time I had to get stitches was when I was almost 9-mos pregnant with Chloe and I sliced into my index finger while trying to chop an onion --lessons learned: never use a dull butcher knife, and having a needle stuck repeatedly into your throbbing flesh can bring tears to one's eyes (even when the pain of natural childbirth does not). Glad you didn't need stitches, and I hope that this was a good lesson to your girls too.