Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amy's a Junior Girl Scout...

Well, it's official, Amy's a Junior Girl Scout!
Here are the girls after they got done at Build A Bear.

Waiting with a sister scout to start the ceremony.
It was quite warm out and very, very windy!
The younger siblings were quite entertained when they saw this baby bunny.
It was quite confused by all the activity and didn't know whether to freeze or run for its life!
Jessica and a friend were on the hunt for it after it made a break for it.

Finally, it's time to bridge. Co-leader Elisha read a sweet poem before each girl crossed the bridge.
Amy gets a little nervous when the spotlight is on her.
Ahhhh, finally!
Co-Leader Rachelle and a troop mom sewed on all the new patches required for the new vest. 
Reciting the Girl Scout Promise
Reciting a new poem called The Challenge of the Children. 
It was quite moving.
At home with her bear, named Junior.
Junior is a boy bear.
Don't ask. I don't get it either.
But it's her bear to name as she wishes.
Even though there are no boys in Junior Scouts.
But they sure look cute together!



Sharli said...

I'm so glad you shared these lovely photos - they take me back to when my own DD was in girl scouts! We had some pretty fun times, that's for sure! I just came from a college graduation party for one of the girls - they are all very dear to me.


Laurel said...

Oh such great pictures!

Alanna said...

What a cutie pie. Makes me wish Reynna was still in GS. Great pics and certainly a day to remember.

Kathi C. said...

Congratulations to Amy! How sweet that she was shy crossing the bridge. So many kids are so bold and brash these days.

Those vests are cool and such a pretty color. Her "Junior" bear is cute, too, even if it's a "he."

Your photos are awesome and we both know what that means. That's if you ever find the time. You are one busy lady.

Thanks for sharing this special event. It reminds me of our scouting days, which should be resuming this coming fall when Bjorn is old enough for Tiger Cubs. Fun!

Felicia Fernandez said...

Yay for Amy! Marcellino had their crossover this past weekend. He stays the same since this last rank is an 18 mo. program. But in February, he will cross over into a Boy Scout Troop! And Gabriel finally gets to join Cub Scouts next week so he is VERY excited. I hope that Amy is enjoying Scouts as much as Marcellino is. We have a great time and the family orientation at this stage of scouting has been great for Gabriel and now Xavier.

stampmonkey said...

Boy, they sure grow up quickly! Thanks for sharing all the nice pics, and I hope Amy enjoys being a Junior. As for the cute Mr. Jr. Bear, I wonder if he knows he's wearing hair bows?? Maybe we shouldn't tell him. ;)