Monday, May 17, 2010

Different Kind of Dahlia

Here is the Dahlia Jessica and I really liked when we were at the nursery yesterday. Definitely not your typical  version. The color is just gorgeous, I think.

This is the tag that came with it. Mystic Desire. I joked that I hoped it would drop seeds and re-seed itself, but the guy told me it's a sterile hybrid. Oh well. At least I can enjoy it this season.

I haven't gotten any more weeding done yet today. I decided to check a couple of other places for the common lilac. I went to another nearby nursery and about had a heart attack when the guy told me they wanted $159 for a large potted one. thanks! Their smaller version, if they would have had it in stock, would be $44. Still a lot little high for my budget (since you see things things every where you go around here), so I just thanked him for his time. He also tried to sell me on a different version, but I wasn't interested.

There is a K-mart just a bit down the street from this nursery and a Hobby Lobby (*Ü*), so, on a whim, I stopped in. Lo and behold they HAD common lilacs! For $14.99. Much easier on my budget. LOL The only thing is, the color isn't specified and the picture on the tag has a white, pink and a purple lilac. So, I guess it will be a surprise whenever it blooms. I have a couple spots in mind for it, but want to see what Steve thinks before I plant it. I'm tickled to have one that blooms in the spring. I have a butterfly bush lilac and a Dark Knight version, but they don't bloom until July. I just may keep my eyes open for one that is specifically a purple lilac, but if I don't find it, there's always next year!

Because I was already out, I tried to find some other things I needed/wanted. One of my finds this weekend was two pairs of quad style roller skates (not inline) for $2 a pair (because they were half off)!! A pair for Amy and a pair for me (squeal). They do need new laces. Do you know that the stores around here don't sell any longer than 60 inches, and those are for hiking boots (ie not suited for skates). I measured and need 72 inch long laces. I might have to resort to an online shop. Who'd have thunk they wouldn't be readily available in stores (at least not in the shoe and sporting goods stores I've stopped into). I might check an ice or roller rink... (thinking out loud now) hmmmm...

That's it from me! Hope your Monday's been a good one!


Sharli said...

Hi Jeanne - $100+ for a plant? Oh my! I would have walked away, too. Too rich for me. I paid that for my trees 25 years ago when they were already huge (in big boxes - had to be moved with a forklift thingie). Granted, $100 was a lot more money 25 years ago . . . LOL

I love how you came around to the skating rink to look for laces! Let me know how that worked out!!


Kathi C. said...

There are two big lilac bushes by sun porch on the farm. They've been there my entire life. They were purple, and I'm pretty sure they were common. I remember waking up in the mornings when they were in bloom. Fresh farm air scented with lilacs. Nothing better. Man, I'm nostalgic tonight. Sharli's blog got me going, too. LOL.

I could never part with $159 for a tree/plant I would most likely kill. I'm hoping you lucked out and the bushes from K-Mart are just what you want.

Be careful on those roller skates! I suppose long laces are hard to find now that most everything uses velcro. I'd go look for you but living in a town where I can't buy black thread, I doubt I'd find 'em.

Your yard is going to be beautiful if that dahlia is any indication.

Hope your Tuesday is terrific, Jeanne - another day of respite from the weekend!

Kim Burmeister said...

That flower is gorgeous!

You get the best deals and lilacs are my favorite. I can't wait to see scrapbook layouts with your roller skates (hint hint :-).

Carolyn Christie said...

I can't imagin paying THAT for a plant/flower.
The flower is pretty. We just got our flower bed planted on Sunday. Love flowers!!

Alanna said...

The dahlia is gorgeous and I can't wait to hear more about your lilacs. I'm glad you were able to get some for a decent price. Whover heard of $150+ for a plant?