Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy iNSD! (and other schtuff)

In case you didn't know, today, the first Saturday in May, is interNational Scrapbooking Day! Which means a day full of activities online and in some stores celebrating scrapbooking, both traditional and digital. Some online stores started sales yesterday and others will hold them all through the weekend. I've done my shopping and have been downloading my new goodies.

Not necessarily in honor of this event, I've been working on  a layout of Jessica at Build A Bear. I did manage to get it done last night and figured this is a great day to share it.
Please excuse the quality of the photos. We had to be at the Mall at a certain time and we were rushing to finish up dinner and get going. I realized about half way there, in the rush, I forgot my camera! 
(hanging head in shame)

I took these pictures with the camera on my phone and had a dickens of a time getting them off the phone and onto my computer so I could use them.

I used a template created by Cindy Schneider (set 34) over at Sweet Shoppe Designs as the base and all of the papers are from NitwitCollections Never Not kit and add-ons.

I just have to say, sometimes being cheap (frugal, thrifty, whatever) can bite you in the butt. This is the case with the phone I selected when I upgraded back in January. I discovered I got some bad information from the salesperson who sold me the phone. I was told I could use a USB cable to transfer the photos I take on the phone to the computer. I wanted to do this because Steve and I don't text, nor do we want to. This would be a way around using messages to get the photos off the phone. I just found out from the maker of the phone that you cannot use the USB cable to do this at least not on the phone I have. No amount of talking to the store where I got the phone or the cell phone company I use would result in my being able to get a different phone because I am outside the buyer's remorse period. It doesn't matter I guess that I have gotten misinformation all along on the journey to finding out about the cable. Too bad, so sad is the attitude. So, I have a camera on my phone that can take pictures and IF I wanted to buy a messaging plan, that's the only way to transfer the pictures off of it. Sigh. And I can't get another upgrade for two years. 

The tub is ready to be re-caulked! Yay!

And, while we didn't have to buy a new surround for the tub, it turns out we have to fork out some money anyway. The van is in the repair shop as I type getting the water pump replaced. UGH! I guess we were destined to shell out some cash no matter what.

To end on a happy note, Amy had a Brownie sleepover last night. They were going to make a dinner (for a Try-It badge) and create crafts. When I picked her up this morning, she was waiting in line for the face painter they had come (maybe a friend of the hostess?) to give her a tattoo on her arm.
Check it out!

The butterfly on her face (which you know is what I am partial to) was painted by another Brownie. What you can't really see in the photo is the glitter on the butterfly OR the dragon.
She had a GREAT time!
That is priceless.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a happy, scrappy weekend!


Laurel said...

Gorgeous layout and love the tatoos!

Sparkle said...

Such a darling layout! Sorry about the phone and the whole picture thing, but I can't really tell from the layout!

Sharli said...

Love the layout - nice work! It's disappointing about the phone camera - if you thought you had something and it turns out to be just a disreputable sales person telling you "anything".

The face painting is pretty awesome, too!

Alanna said...

Your layout is gorgeous Jeanne. If I ever dip into the digi world of scrapbooking, I'll know where to head to for help.

Sorry to hear about the bad info that they gave you about your phone. The too bad, so sad attitude seems to be prevalent these days, unfortunately.

Happy to hear about the tub, sorry to hear about the water pump. And Amy's tattoo is awesome. Glad she had such a good time.

Kim Burmeister said...

Fantastic layout, Jeanne! I love to see your scrapbooking. The colors are great.

Love the TATS! Those are the perfect kind....removable.

Kathi C. said...

I love this layout, Jeanne! It's SO cute, and what a fun activity. I've always been intrigued by the Build-a-Bear stores - the closest one at the Mall of America in the Twin Cities. Bummer.

Getting a bum steer on the phone is another bummer. Salesmen like the one you met up with are disgusting.

Love the photo of Amy. Hopefully, a fake tatoo will be the only kind she'll ever want. LOL.

mE said...

Hey lady!

Beautiful layout!

Sorry about the images on your phone. I am pretty sure that even without a "data plan" you could text those pics to a friend (hint hint) who does have a data plan and the ability to upload photos from her phone to a computer and email them to you :) It would just cost you the 25 cents or whatever it is per text. We didn't used to have a data plan and I was able to send and receive texts, but had to pay for them. It used to be 10 c per text and then it was 25 c per text.

Let me know if you'd like me to do that for ya :)


mE said...

ahhh I just re-read your blog post. LOL! Next time you take a photo with your phone, send to me and I will email back to you. LOL! :) :)