Friday, October 22, 2010

Looking Sorta Spooky...

I've been busy the past couple of days getting some goodies ready for the Halloween/Birthday party tonight. While the girls are doing their daily reading, I thought I'd sit for a few and share what I've been up to.

Here's the completed ensemble.

Mummy cupcakes. I couldn't resist these when I saw them on the Better Homes & Gardens website. I baked the cupcakes yesterday and put them together today.  That's a marshmallow with a couple of slits cut into it, then stuffed with some mini M&Ms. I dusted the top of the cupcake with white sanding sugar. Easy peasy, spooky-ish and fun.

Ghost Cake Pops from Bakerella's book Cake Pops that I picked up a week or so ago. I love it, and am happy I splurged a little on it. The girls have been  poring over the super cute pops and Jessica practically begged me to make these. Today was the day for creating them (there are 36 pops altogether-I ran out of candy coating for the remaining 8 or so),. This is my second attempt at cake pops (I made my first batch over a year ago for Jessica's Daisy meeting) and it went much more smoothly thanks to the tips provided in the book. Not a single Cake Pop slid off the stick this time. Whoohoooo!
The faces were made with edible markers. Cool, huh? They aren't hard to make, but it does take time and a bit of patience.

Yesterday I made these chocolate pretzel rods. Not perfectly, as some excess chocolate went over the edge of the mold,  but still fun.

I ran out of baggies for them, so took this pic so you could better see the shapes that were in the  mold.

And just to keep it real, this is what my sink looks like at the moment.
Guess I'd better get off my tush and clean it up, huh?

Thanks for stopping by!
Hopefully I can get some good photos at the party this evening.



Anonymous said...


It looks like you have fun with all the crafty things that you do. I'm sure the kids will love the Halloween treats! Love looking at all that you do.


Sharli said...

Lol, LOL - "just to keep it real . . ." Jeanne - you are so delightful!!! Yes, indeed. After seeing these miraculous creations - ghost pops?! chocolate dipped pretzels, the mummy cupcakes . . . oh My Goodness!! Your last photo was priceless.


Heidi said...

Jeanne -

Thank you for such great and yummy goodies tonight. The ghost pops were very tasty and I am going to steal your mummy idea for my cupcakes next week!! The kids had a blast and it was great seeing you and the girls. Thanks again and please tell Suzy (?) thank you for hosting such a fun party!!


Laurel said...

Oh yummy! How fun!

Sparkle said...

These are all so cute! I will have to find time to bake more, lol.

Kathi C. said...

Oh, my goodness! Your cake pops are so cool as are the pretzels and mummy cupcakes. Who would have thought one could do something so darned cute with a marshmallow?

The UPS man brought my cake pop "fixings" on Thursday. I am hoping for a little kitchen success later in the week!

Alanna said...

Your ghost pops are SO cute Jeanne. Does your talent know any limits? I certainly don't think so.

Anke said...

those pops turned out great, I love them!!! You are so creative (gee, I wonder where that title of your blog came from :)). Awesome cupcakes too!! Your kitchen looks like ours does all the time btw!

mE said...

yum yum yum......

Kim Burmeister said...

SWEET! These looks so good. You sure know how to celebrate!

stampmonkey said...

Oh my goodie-ness!! ;P Your sweet treats look so fun and festive! It's no wonder you ended up with a pile of dishes like that! I'm sure everyone who got to enjoy your yummies would tell you that every dish dirtied was well worth it. ;)


Carolyn Christie said...

Spooky is right. My boys would love a party like that! :O