Friday, October 15, 2010

Polly Want A Pumpkin?

Well, I didn't get the project done as quickly as I'd hoped, but after listening to Jessica ask me for 1,000th time if I was done yet, I am happy to report, that yes, the latest crochet project is completed. Yay!

I had to pry it away from a couple of girls who have been playing with it non stop (nope, not making two) since the final stitch was made last evening. Yes, she even watched over the bathing of said girls...(TMI, I know, but seriously these girls have been gaga over it, much  more so than I thought they would be.)

So, here you go...Polly in a Pumpkin (or maybe Polly is part of a Pumpkin?)

Kind of like those doll cakes you see with the Barbie stuck in the middle of a dome cake, only a lot smaller and a lot less messy!

The pattern for this came through my inbox from Fave Crafts. Should you desire to create one for your little darling(s) the pattern can be found here.

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Sparkle said...

This is just darling! Totally worth fighting for, lol.

Sheila Bennett said...

What an adorable little toy. It is so cute that the doll can be taken out of the pumpkin. In the first picture, I thought that was her skirt. Looks like that tiny outfit would be difficult to create!

stampmonkey said...

Super creative...and I think that's the cutest outfit I've seen for a Polly Pocket. lol Too funny that your girls are fighting over it (not that you didn't see that one coming). ;)

big hugs,

Kathi C. said...

How danged cute is this? I love it and bet the girls went wild. I had my first experience with a Polly Pocket doll a couple of weeks ago when playing with my two-year-old grandniece. I suppose there are more of those little things in my future. Can't wait!!

Kim Burmeister said...

Oh, My! This is sooo cute! Your girls are so lucky to have a mom like you. Love it!

Barb said...


crochetwithtamara said...


I love your Polly pumpkin and thank you for sharing all the cool ideas for Halloween.


Carolyn Christie said...

Too cute!! My grand daughters are just getting into polly pockets. Gosh their clothes and stuff is sooo small.
Nice job Jeanne! Let the fighting begin. :)

Alanna said...

This is SO stinkin' cute Jeanne. I love it.

Sunghee said...

wow ha ha ha ha! What a delightful creation! LOVE IT! I want one, too!