Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Fun Party

My friend, Susi, sure knows how to throw a party and combine a party with Halloween, one of her very favorite holidays, and you've got the makings of a fabulous time.
The table of goodies set up for the guests.
Only one ghost pop was injured in the transporting from our house to theirs. They sure were a hit. I think I came home with 4. Hee, hee!
Everywhere you look in Susi's house is a treat. I could be there for days and still not find all her treasures.
Love what she did on the top of her hutch.
You think I decorate my house? My attempts are paltry. But, it's partially because of Susi's talent that I even attempt to decorate. She's a fun influence, that's for sure. 
Loved this vintage sign.
Isn't this chalkboard a great idea? It's right next to the front door as you enter/leave the house.
Gotta have creeeeeepy containers! 
To start the party off, we all went outside to howl at the moon, what a fun idea, and don't the kids look great all dressed up?
Initially, Jessica wasn't going to do the creepy containers (and Amy was steadfast in her refusal to do these), but she agreed to poke her hand in one or two.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
No matter what, kids clamor to see what 'cha got!

Love this shot of our friend Aaron, relaxing a bit with his goodies. 

I did take more photos, but a lot were blurry. The lighting was low and the skills of this photographer are not that great. Tis okay, it was fun night and the memories will last forever!

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you have a great weekend!


Laurel said...

Wow, look at all the fun!

Sharli said...

What a memorable birthday - loads of fun! The full moon helped with the spirit of the day!

Alanna said...

How fun. Looks like a great time. I love the idea of sticking your hand into some creepy crawly bin.

Have a great day on this dreary and rainy day.

Kathi C. said...

Howling at the moon! Too fun! It appears that the party was a great success and your treats were a hit - no surprise there, my sweet friend.

Are your resting up today? I would be. LOL. Enjoy the weekend, Jeanne.

Anke said...

This looks like an amazing party, how fun!! The decorations are wonderful. I totally understand the reluctance of putting her hand in that creepy stuff, my kids were always like that too! The whole thing sure looks like a success! :)

mE said...

Jeanne! This looks like a spoookingly fun and fabulous birthday party! Looks like everyone had a blast!


Kim Burmeister said...

Holy Moly! Looks like an amazing party! Wow! Love Halloween and all the decorations. Fun, fun, fun!

stampmonkey said...

You're right --she sure does know how to throw a party! Looks like Jessica had a great time too (along with everyone else)!

I'm with you on the photography skills. I ended up taking a lot of blurry pics at the kids' event yesterday morning. ;(

big hugs,

Sparkle said...

Glad you all have a fabulous time! I love the jars of gross stuff!

itsabrt said...

What an amazing person you are this party beats all! Beth

Carolyn Christie said...

WOW, you guys know how to throw a party! Howling at the moon? How fun!!

Suz said...

WOW! That looks like a fantastic party..HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY HALLOWEEN
Hands in that gooey stuff..yuk hehehe just what kids love hey!hehe
Hugs Suz x