Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

This number doesn't tell the whole story...according to the news, there's a windchill factor to consider. -32. That's 32 degrees below zero. Baby, I don't care who you are, that's flippin' cold.

Guess what? There's no school today! Steve snorted when the girls told him last night. He thought "they" (the powers that be) were wimps. LOL The roads aren't bad. But then, he grew up in Sioux Falls, SD. Where it gets pretty darn cold, pretty darn regularly. And I wonder if Kathi is snickering a little, too, up there in the frozen tundra. Me, I'm happy not to have to be out and about today. Yeah, this born and raised Southern California transplant, who actually enjoys snow, doesn't like so much this type of cold. No school means no parent teacher conferences today and no Girl Scout meeting tonight. 
So we can hunker down and do a little of this:
and a little of that:
and maybe bake, play some games and generally just keep warm.

No word yet on school tomorrow, when it's supposed to be 9 above zero as a high, not sure on the wind chill. A peek into the forecast shows 40s by the end of the week. Gotta love the extremes of Colorado.

Thought I'd share a little of the Valentine's decor I've put out:
Red Hots and Roses 
Marshmallows, licorice, mints and you've gotta have conversation hearts. 
Oooooh, I have Cupid Corn tucked away...maybe I'll switch the mints out.

A little love on the mantle. Those red and pink balls in the hurricane lamps are two packages from Hobby Lobby (by the floral department) 1 red, 1 pink, mixed together. Those pink suckers were chock full of static electricity! LOL Dollar Tree wooden frame with a glittery puffy heart. Loved the color of the wood in the frame.

More Dollar Tree heart picks.

I wanted to fill this large container and the little balls seemed to work well. The heart wire thingies are from Joann's.

As you walk in the door, this is what you see.

A Dollar Tree plastic plate decorated with paper. Hard to see, but the word love on the heart and the arrow through it are glitterized with Stickles. Next to the plate on the left, a thrift store candlestick and to the right and apothecary jar filled with Hot Tamales, Valentine colored.

I saw this at the thrift store for a couple of weeks in a row and passed it up thinking, I could stitch that up for sure. The reality is, I probably won't get to that, so this past weekend, I found it again and bought it, for all of a dollar. I'm so glad I did!

I thought some extra heart ornaments looked good on this wire piece hanging over the bench.

I still have a few more things I want to work on. I would like to hang a garland and create a few more decor items. Maybe today? Most likely not. But soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you are staying safe and warm in your neck of the woods. 



Kathi C. said...

No, I am not snickering. Just hoping you are warm and enjoying your day at home with the girls. Currently, it is -15 here. However, the sun is shining, and there isn't any wind, which makes for a beautiful day in the frozen tundra.

I love your Valentine's Day decorations! So festive and pretty.

Again, I hope you enjoy your day!

Sharli said...

Hi Jeanne,

You have ALL my sympathy, girlfriend! I would simply perish.

Your Valentine decor is so pretty - very sweet, very loving! ;-)

Jackie said...

ok...we are in the 40's and I am freezing....can't imagine -4.....bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Kim Burmeister said...

Wow! That IS cold!

I love all your decor! I don't think I could stay out of the candy jars...hee hee!

Barb said...

Well, now...that is pretty darn cold! I'm so glad you and the girls had things to do to keep you busy.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Valentine's Day decor...esp. all the candy!!