Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jessica…the Big 1-0

And now I can reveal why I haven’t had much crafty stuff to share the past week or so…I’ve been getting ready for Miss Jessica’s 10th birthday party. Screeech…what? There is no way that she is 10 years old. In fact, Steve kept telling her that we weren’t going to have a party after all so she would stay nine. She was on to that idea. She knew that wouldn’t stop her turning 10. Darn.

Warning…picture heavy post coming up…click on pictures to enlarge

Here’s the birthday girl this morning.


She’s wearing a necklace my friend made and sent to her for her birthday.

And this is the main reason I haven’t posted. I know I said I wasn’t much of a knitter, but when Jessica found this book in Michaels several weeks ago, she pleaded ever so prettily about my getting it. Of course I told her no, we weren’t there to get that in my mean mom voice. 104_0019

Obviously, I knew I was going back without her to pick it up and to work on a project for either her birthday or Christmas, depending on if I could actually create a project. It is knitting after all and I’m not much of one.

So…I’ve spent several school hours working on the purple dress you see on the cover and I managed to finish on Friday.  Ta-da! Oh and a time or two I left a piece out and had to finagle a way to hide it so she wouldn’t notice.

 103_9957 103_9958

I had one happy 10 year old when I came out with Jessica Anne wearing the dress. Yay, mom says with a fist pump. Guess maybe smaller projects are okay.

The theme of our party was Pirate, inspired by the tv show, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Jess enjoys watching it in the morning before school.


Here is the cake table. Thanks so much to my friend, Susi, who graciously loaned us the candelabra, chest AND jewels to set the mood.




The girl pirate on the show is Izzy and we made these little bottles of pixie dust for the girls who attended. Izzy wears a pouch full of pixie dust to help the fellow pirates out on occasion.


The cake is my take of the idea shown on the Family Fun website here. Thanks to Susi’s kids for loaning us the mini figure pirates and cannon.


I knew the cake wouldn’t feed everyone, so we made some simple cupcakes, too .103_9967103_9968

A couple of more shots of the cake. It is reminiscent of Bucky, the ship in the Jake and the Never Land Pirates show. Jessica colored the sails and Amy added the Rolo candy for the Crow’s Nest. I personally liked the plank on the back end. LOL Anyone remember rootbeer candy? Or am I totally aging myself? We added some to the cake because they make great barrels. I ate one and was instantly transported back to when I was growing up.


Our pirate girl ready to par-tay. I found that shirt at the thrift store yesterday by a totally serendipitous fluke. The hat, too only we added the skull to it.


Some of the decor. I found some great pirate themed party supplies at Hobby Lobby and took full advantage of their 40% off coupons. The die cuts on the window are cut from my Cricut using Life’s a Party. My friend, Felicia graciously loaned me that cartridge. Thanks, sweetie! I need to take a picture of the front door where we had a map and the phrase pirate party.


Playing a game where you drop a penny into the water. At the bottom is a small bowl or shot glass that you are trying to get the penny into. The kids seemed to like it.


Birthday girl looking pretty happy.


We also played the same dice game that we played at Amy’s party and the Cookie game as well.  This  young man sure likes this game! He’s pretty good, too.

 103_9996 103_9995


And after the party, Jessica had a great time putting together one of the gifts she received.

Oh and the cake…


Destroyed…but in the best way. Yay!

Whew, I’m pooped, but happy to have another party under the belt and a happy 10 year old.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this, if you even got this far!

Hope you had a fun weekend and are ready for a brand new week.


Sharli Schaitberger said...

Jeanne, You are such a good Mommy!!! Please tell Jessica happy birthday for me - I, too, can't believe she's 10 already! My goodness.


Sparkle Smith said...

Ah, looks like you all had such a great time! I love the setup, theme, and the dress is just lovely!

Alanna said...

Everything looks so great. I adore the cake and I actually ran I to some rootbeer barrels yesterday at a restaurant. The decorations look fab and Jessica looks so so happy! You really are an amazing mom. The purple outfit looks great.

Happy Crocheter said...

Hi Jeanne,

I loved all the pictures and wish Jessica a very happy 10th birthday. Thanks for sharing and yes you should rest now.


Gloria said...

Well, you may not be much of a knitter, but it sure turned out great. Happy Birthday Jessica. Your party was awesome!! And the cake was amazing!!

gloria from Utah :)

Anke said...

what a happy little girl you must have had!! The dress came out awesome and the cake and everything just looked perfect! You are a great mom!! :)

Barb said...

*CLAPPING LOUDLY* You get a standing ovation from me! WooooW! You know I love love LOVE the theme of the party. And you did a FABULOUS job with it...right down to the cake and pixie dust! I am left speechless. What a wonderful birthday party. I know Jessica was VERY pleased. You've out down yourself this time, Jeanne!

I really enjoyed seeing all the pics, too. Made me feel like I was there! Wish I could taste that cake. :)