Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scary Muffins (??)

Okay, so how in the heck can muffins be scary? I guess if you think about the muffin top you can develop by eating too many, that can be pretty darn scary. But that’s not what I mean.

I’ve been a crocheting fool over the past few weeks and on Sunday, while watching the Broncos lose the game (darn), I finished up this scary muffins project.



Can you believe this? I came across this pattern at the Red Heart yarn website. I can’t remember why I was even there, but how fun is this find?


Jessica, who is very afraid of spiders thought this one was cute and she even suggested the red eyes. Wow!


Not a very scary skull, but more ookey maybe?


It’s not Halloween unless you have a pumpkin, right? I got some felt that had adhesive in it, so it would, in theory, stay put while I hand sewed the piece on. It’s a little wonky, but who cares, right?


I think this eyeball one is the spookiest.


And each muffin comes out of its holder! You can mix and match them if you want. Hey, want a little memory game with your Halloween decor??

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a great week so far.


Laurel said...


Alanna said...

Your talent never ceases to amaze me. These are so darling.

Anke said...

Oh my goodness, Jeanne, those muffins are adorable and I really like your fall basket too. You are so talented!

Barb said...

Oh my word! These are the cutest, scary muffins I've ever seen! That eyeball one definitely wins as the creepiest! These are so cute, Jeanne! I love 'em!