Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pinterest Leads to Dinner Inspiration

I posted several months ago about something that happened to a friend via Pinterest and I got nervous about having a Pinterest account and worried that by pinning, I’d be violating copyrights. Well, I’ve been emailing my good friend, Barb, who blogs at The Buzz (which is a fabulous blog. If you haven’t been there, you should stop by and see some of her fantastic cards). Anyway, Pinterest came up and she told me she’d been pinning for years without any problem. Another friend talked about pinning and I brought up my nervousness and she thought they’d fixed the issues. So, armed with Barb’s help and tips I have reactivated my Pinterest account and am dipping my toes into the Pinterest ocean. I’m still learning and haven’t pinned too much, but if you are interested at all in what I might pin, I’ve added a link on the sidebar ---->.

All that to lead up to today’s post. I was meandering around on Pinterest yesterday, while Jessica was doing homework and saw a pin that had something in muffin tins. I’m so green at this, that I didn’t immediately pin what I saw, but it took me to the Betty Crocker website for Bisquick and Impossibly Easy Mini Chicken n Broccoli Pies.  I decided to make them for dinner last night. I’ve made Impossible Pie before,  years and years ago, but these mini pies were new to me and I thought I’d share how it turned out.


You put about a tablespoon of the Bisquick mixture in the bottom of the tins, then the meat/veggie/cheese mixture. I don’t profess to be a food blogger and you can see I oversprayed the cooking spray and got some of the mixture outside the tin area. Oh well.


Then you put another tablespoon of the Bisquick mixture on top and put them in the oven for about 30 minutes.


Here’s what they looked like after baking. To me they look delicious. I decided that we needed something gravy like on top to offset any dryness of the mini pies, but I didn’t have any gravy, let alone chicken gravy. So, I made chicken condensed soup and added the leftover broccoli I had. It was the perfect accompaniment to the little pies. 


Yum! The girls were quite happy with the taste and would like me to make this again. Yay!

I’ve been busy with life in general and haven’t finished any crafty projects to share, so I thought I’d pop in, share this and let you know I will post more crafty things soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you are on Pinterest, I’d love to check out your boards. Have a great day!


Laurel said...

Oh those look yummy!

Alanna said...

Glad you for your fears alleviated. Your dinner looks great. I've recently started pinning and have found a few food items I'd like to try.

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Now you're making me hungry!!! These look awesome! Thanks Jeanne for the great idea!

Anke said...

Oh my gosh, that looks so yummy! Why do I never think about taking pictures when I make something like that?? Great idea, you are making me hungry :)

Barb said...

YUM-O! These look delish! You're making me hungry, too. I'm so glad you're back on Pinterest, there is sooo much info out there. I've made a few things I pinned, all with favorable results.

Thanks for the shout-out. :)

Happy Pinning!