Saturday, July 14, 2007

First Ever Digital Layout!

How cool is this?! For Mother's Day I got Photoshop Elements 5.0 and have waited patiently while Steve upgraded my computer (not the laptop-it couldn't handle the program at all) so that I could install it. Well, last weekend, he finished all the upgrades and I installed it. I've been emailing some online friends for tips/advice. I also purchased a couple of tutorials so that I could learn the program. Here is the result of one of the tutorials I bought!

This picture was also taken last weekend, as was the new photo in my header (for subscribers, you'll have to actually go to my blog to see it). Steve and the girls have been trying for weeks to catch some fish around town. Well, that wasn't happening, so Steve is now exploring fishing holes outside of town. Last weekend we went to Longmont and tried a place called Golden Pond. Seriously, I think of the movie whenever I see that name-LOL. I took this picture as we were walking around the pond looking for a good spot to cast the lines. I think it looks pretty neat myself and was a "perfect" photo to try for my first digital layout. Btw, no fish were caught here, nor at Union Reservoir which we also tried. Amy's getting pretty good at casting though!

Do not fear, I don't think I will go exclusively to digital scrapbooking, but it's something new and different for me (as if I don't have enough things to keep me entertained) and worth exploring.

Thanks for looking!


Erica said...

Looks great! GOod's kinda nice to sit down & make digi pages...and you change SO many things on the photos & etc. Have fun with it! Email me if you have more questions...a few things I like to do..others, well..many I Have yet to even think about learnign!

Clearly Inspired said...

WOW! This looks great! It looks like you are a pro already. Great job!

Felicia said...

absolutely awesome!!!! just like you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! -Julie

Stampernmore said...

great job with your first digi- it looks wonderful!

Brenda said...

I love your digi layout Jeanne and your watermark!