Monday, July 30, 2007

Take a DEEP Breath and...


I just LOVE that I was able to capture these pictures today at the end of the girls' swim lesson. Aren't their expressions great?! Amy voted for her class to jump off the diving board-she's never been on one before. Jessica's class got to go down the tunnel slide and she zipped out of there soooo fast.
This is the first time they've taken any sort of swim class. I am so pleased that they are having so much fun. I see in Jessica a big increase in confidence just being in the water. She loves her teacher and will even consent to being dipped into the water up to her eyes-not quite ready to go completely under. Amy has always felt confident in the water and just needs to get the arms and legs to coordinate better. Oh and to practice holding her breath under water. LOL
I'm so glad I remembered to bring the camera today. These will be fun to scrap. :o)

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Clearly Inspired said...

Jeanne, great pictures! I always like action photos. Looks like the girls are very comfortable in the water. Summer is such a fun time. Thanks for sharing them!