Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seems To Be Improving...

My ankle, that is. The swelling is going down and the bruising is lessening. Whoo hooo.

I actually bought an ankle support and returned the air cast today. Let me share why. The air cast (which I just now realized I never took a picture of, d'oh) was comprised of two plastic pieces that were molded to semi fit a leg on the inside and outside. Attached to these plastic pieces were two plastic "bags" with foam inside. They were about 1/4 inch thick. The "bags" were attached to the plastic with adhesive. Think of wide double stick tape. One puts the plastic pieces with the bags on either side of the leg and run two wide pieces of velcro tape wrap around your leg to hold the cast in place. There was a strip of fabric across the bottom to "hold" the unit ( so it wouldn't ride up or off the leg I guess). Well, in less than a week of wearing this device I noticed the bags were slipping off the plastic pieces! The instructions said to wear this unit with laced shoes. Sounds good in theory, but I'd have to get a shoe a couple of sizes bigger. There was no way on this earth I was gonna fit my foot with this contraption on into a shoe. So I compromised and wore tennis shoes that have no backs. I think they call them mules. I also had to put rubber bands around the velcro bands because they were flapping in the breeze. Oh and I had to wear a tube sock to allow for ventilation. I paid a decent chunk of change for this device and was extremely annoyed that it was not living up to what it was supposed to do.

This morning I found an ankle brace that supports the whole ankle area and allows for compression for the swelling and it cost less than half of the air cast. I think it gives better support too. And I don't have to wear a tube sock or anything!

I also figured out that recently something must have been updated in my Internet Explorer (or Norton) which causes my Gmail to almost grind to a halt. After percolating on the situation for a day or so, I remembered I had Mozilla downloaded and I tried getting into Gmail using it. Worked like a charm! Now I'm back to my speedy Gmail. Hobbily Happy Dance!

No chance to work on any new creative projects. Today the girls were invited to our friend Hattie's house for an afterschool tea party. Dang, I forgot to take my camera again. It's so cute to see the kids dress up for these shindigs! Oh and they practice really good manners, too! It was fun!

Til next time, thanks for stopping by! Ü


Angela2932 said...

Hooray! Isn't it amazing how adversity. . . especially affecting mobility. . . supercharges our problem-solving skills? Trying to figure out what will just work better! Good for you! The ankle support sounds much more "user-friendly!"

stampmonkey said...

Necessity really IS the mother of invention! I hope this new solution will do what you need it to. And take it easy with the Hobbily Happy Dance...you may end up hurting yourself! lol

Heather said...

{waving} Hi Jeanne!

May your physical woes disappear soon.... :)

Donna S. said...

Oh Poor you - you have been hobbling for a while now! I hope this improves soon! The tra party sounds fun for the girls -
Take Care!