Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I {heart} The Readers of My Blog!

I have been given this award not once, but twice, by Christi of Blessings on Paper and Barb of The Buzz ! Thank you ladies oh so much! I think we have a mutual {heart} fest going on. Ü

I have to shamefully admit that these wonderful gals let me know about this a little bit ago and I've not mentioned it here until now. I am sorry for that! I got completely sidetracked by my ankle saga-which is improving, thankfully.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of blogs. I read them faithfully. I would be completely embarrassed to admit just how many blogs I keep up on. I would have to give this back to both Christi and Barb as I love what they create and how they share in their posts. I know I'm supposed to pass this along and I hope that you will not think of me as a party pooper by not narrowing down any faves. I enjoy all the blogs I read, each for different reasons. If you click on any of the blogs in my list over there, I think you would definitely find yourself inspired in some fashion!

Thank you again ladies. You really made me smile!

1 comment:

stampmonkey said...

You're too funny! ;) And for as many blogs as you keep up with, your list of blogs to link to is pretty short...no need to be embarrassed about that. lol

BTW, I noticed you posted a new pic of your craft room. Is that a chair for me you have there next to yours? ;D