Friday, August 1, 2008

BFF Blogger Award

My blogging buddy, Barb, nominated me for this award and I wanted to thank her very much for thinking of me. I'm a little late in acknowledging it, but I hope she understands.

The rules of this award are slightly different from the usual, as in this one is not so much for creativity and's a blog friend thing. How fun!

Only 5 people are to be nominated.

4 out of 5 have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

1 has to be new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

You must link back to whoever gave you the award.
I hope you will check out these blogs, their talent is tremendous and they are just the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. I'm sure they have been nominated before, but here goes...(and I can't nominate Barb again, right, cuz I would if I could)!
1. Kathi - Kathi's Creative Corner - you all know why...
2. Kim - Clearly Inspired - because she clearly inspires me!
3. Christi - Blessings on Paper - I've been fortunate enough to meet her IRL (in real life) and she is as sweet in person as she is on her blog.
4. Angela - My Pixelated Oasis - I may be more dedicated to HER blog than she is to mine, but you've gotta check it out. Angela is a fantastic blogger who shares some awesome pictures and stories. I love visiting her blog.
5 Anke - International House - Anke is someone I sort of met on Jessica Sprague-she was very involved in posting, unlike me, hence the "sort of met." I believe she found my blog from another Spraguemate. She has a full house and loads of digi-talent! Check it out!

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stampmonkey said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me,'re very sweet. Tomorrow we head for California, so I probably won't have time to formally "accept" your award for a day or two. ;) It's okay if I give it back to you; right? ;D

Anke said...

Oh Jeanne, thanks so much, I am flattered. That's the second one in as many days. What a surprise to find coming home! I will certainly pass this on and thanks again for thinking of me!!

Kari said...

You DEFINITELY deserve a blogging award ... you are faithful not only to your own blog but you are faithful in checking in and commenting around the blogging world!! Thanks for all the times you have stopped by and brightened my day :)