Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanna See My Ankle?

If you do, keep looking. If you don't, stop reading...LOL

I went to the doctor on Monday for the 4 week checkup only to find out that the xray machine was broken! So, they took off the cast (the girls thought the saw was so cool) and put a splint back on so I could go over to the hospital to have it x-rayed. Did that late Monday afternoon. The doctor's office was supposed to receive the results yesterday morning, but at 5:20 PM the medical assistant finally returned my call telling me they never got it at all. So maybe today?

In the meantime I'm in a splint, which is nice in that I can scratch as needed and I was able to shave the leg! And I can inspect the ankle better.

Interesting or bizarre that I took pictures of my ankle?

Gotta go for now and get kiddos ready for school, but hopefully I'll be back later with some other (less graphic) stuff....


Kathi C. said...

Hi! Good to see you . . . if only your ankle. LOL. I hope the doctor gives you good news! School in Colorado already? No school here until after Labor Day. Minnesota law. Have a great day!!

Angela2932 said...

Hooray, an ankle update! Not bizarre at all that you took pictures! Sounds like things are on the mend. . . .are you having to do any exercises for it? I have to admit, your ankle still doesn't look "happy", but you've got great toes!

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...


You are right, your ankle does not look right.. Perhaps it's the fact that you may have lost muscle tone in the bottom portion of your right leg, though, too. Maybe it just looks disproportionate, but you're right, it does still look bruised. That should have cleared up a while ago.


Scrap Jaci said...

Hmmmm, what an interesting and purty color lol! Hope it feels better soon.

Barb W said...

Ouchie! Looks like it still hurts.

stampmonkey said...

Ankle? You mean you really have a right ankle?! ;) I'm not too familiar with broken bones, but that doesn't look normal for being out of the cast.... Tread lightly until you see the doc.

Denise Macias said...

Jeanne, please email me. I have some things regarding your ankle that I want to share! I have a photo that looks just like your ankle!

Denise Macias,
your former CTMH buddy!