Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Makes Me Happy!

Hi there!

Remember me? Yes, I know I haven't posted in a while. Not sure that you wanted a daily dose of... I sat on the couch today. I read blogs today. I took the kids to swim class today. Especially if I didn't have any artwork to break up the monotony. LOL Seriously though, I've been a tad busier than I thought I'd be in that I have been taking the kids to swim class and going to stores that have motorized carts. Of course, it takes longer to do anything these days, but I can get around and that helps. My brother, the truck driver, was in town last night, so we met him at a truck stop to catch up for a couple of hours. We went to an "end of summer" party at a friend's house yesterday. I even mopped the floor one day last week...albeit in sections and took lots of breaks. Trying to do what I can in fits and spurts. I think I can go in to the doctor next week to see how the healing is progressing. I have to check the calendar.

I have been experiencing some feelings of frustration and lack of patience the past few days. So today I decided to brighten my outlook by painting my toenails! Okay don't look too closely at my messy looking feet, but note the color I chose. Close to my cast color, eh? LOL I even added a flower sticker to the big toes. Ü
And here you can see that my cast is no longer a pristine pink thanks to our friend, Dave, who started the signing of the cast process. Alas, I can't show you the happy face that is on the bottom of the cast as I am not limber enough to finagle that shot!I got some happy mail today from my blog buddy, Barb! Thanks so much for thinking of me, my friend!!!! You are SO right that I could use a pick me up about now. In addition to the card, she sent me these images to color in! Whoo hooo! (Don't you love how I set the card on my feet to take the picture? LOL)

I'm just afraid I'll mess them up.

Oh the Olympics are starting for the night...I must say I have been watching quite a bit of them. And enjoying them tremendously. Go USA!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Ü And thanks again, Barb, for the lovely card and images.
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Kathi C. said...

It made my day to see your post. Nice toes. You still have an eye for color!! I'm glad you're getting around a bit again. Barb's card is awesome! As for coloring those images, you can do it!! Take care, my friend. The cast thing will be over before you know it!

Barb W said...

Your toesies are cute! ;D And you really get around in your cast and mopping, too! Wow! You are an inspiration to me.

Cute, putting the card on your feet to take the pic...very clever!

Carol said...

Good to hear from Jeanne. Love your matching toenails.
Look after yourself and don't over do it on the house chores.

stampmonkey said...

I love your pretty toes -- you did a great job matching the color! ;) I can't believe you're up and around like you are...and mopping the floor? Are you really that bored? lol

I love the card Barb sent you and the fun images too! I've always wondered how online friends send cards to each other...I'm guessing someone has to ask for the address? But then the surprise element is lost...well, maybe for only the first card. ;)