Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Neater, Now...

Just to show you that I did do what I said I was going to do. 

The books are library books. The tins hold knitting needles and lace. And you can see the power supply we borrowed from Susi (which needs to get back to her hubby soon)

Looks a smidge better, wouldn't you say? LOL

I'm currently making a whole bunch of these and
I can't wait to see how this project comes together.

I also just got a phone call from Amy's teacher. No uh-ohs, she just wanted to share with us her thanks for our support during the CSAP testing. She said Amy worked really hard and she appreciated it. Gotta love those phone calls.

Tomorrow the kids get a pizza party to celebrate. 

Finally, I've been neatening things up on my blog a bit. I've added a page or two and edited my blog links. Right now I just have my friends' blogs listed. I don't know if I'll add any other types of blogs I read. 
On one of the pages I linked up a few of the blog parties I visit each week, these all happen to occur on Wednesday.

That is all!
Have a good one!



Sparkle said...

Yeah for Amy! Gotta love those pizza parties! :) Can't wait to see whatcha up to!

Kathi C. said...

More successes! For you and Amy!

As for what you're up to with the crocheting, anyone who mistakes a rabbit for an owl should probably keep her mouth shut! LOL.

Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. It's supposed to get colder again here, too, in a couple of days. As that will help with the flooding situations in the area, I guess it'll be OK - temporarily.

Have a great Thursday!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Good for you for cleaning up that pile... can you come clean up some around my house? :) Can't wait to see what your project is going to be! :)

Kim Burmeister said...

You don't mess around! You got right to cleaning up that spot. Good for you.

Those calls from school are awesome. I can't wait to see what you make with your crocheting.

Your blog is looking very nice. Don't ya love they added pages for Blogger?!

Carolyn Christie said...

Your blog looks very nice, I'm still playing around with the banner. It may take me a while.
You are very organized and things are in their place. Wanna come help me?
Enjoy the weekend, we are in for a cool down. 30's next week, yuck!

stampmonkey said...

I love all your de-cluttering and re-organizing! Very inspiring...just wish I had the time (or ambition) to work as diligently as it as you do.

Good for Amy! You must be raising her right. ;)

Are you making a pillow or shawl with your pretty crocheted squares? Looking forward to finding out....