Sunday, March 28, 2010

She's Home AND Another New to Me Project....LOL

Look who made it home safe and sound about 3pm this afternoon. Look at that grin, too! She had a blast. And claims she didn't even miss us because she was "too distracted." LOL She's not been too forthcoming with information just yet, but she's also a bit subdued. I'm sure she's wiped out. I don't want to press her too much for information and be that annoying mom who asks a million questions. I guess one girl in her troop ended up having to go home early because she missed her mom too much. I hear she pretty much kept everyone up on Friday night, managed to last the day on Saturday, but come Saturday night was too upset to stay any longer. The leaders told me Amy did great and had a lot of fun. Yay! It sure is good to see her again, though.

Today Steve took Jessica for a bike ride to our "big" park. That gave me the time to work on another new to me project. hee, hee! There's not much I won't attempt if it looks easy enough and the supplies are inexpensive enough. When I saw this idea on a blog not too long ago, I knew I wanted to try it!

For your viewing pleasure...hardy har har...

I made TWO necklaces and two flowers. The neat thing is...I can change out the flowers on the necklaces and put other embellishments on them. The flowers attach with lobster claws.  I made two because I had enough of the chain left to create a second slightly different one. I found the idea on the Polka Dot Chair blog here. If you check it out, you can see how the flowers get attached. I had some fabric that my friend Heidi gave me and I decided to create a couple of Kanzashi flowers that I could use. Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. I took them myself in my bathroom mirror and the lighting just isn't that great. I edited as best I could in PSE. This was honest to goodness pretty darn easy to put together. Now I think I need some more solid color tops so I can make more flowers. Wheee!

And while I was taking pictures, I took a shot of one of my new tops from the thrift store. This one isn't crocheted or knit, but it is neat, nonetheless. And the fact that it was only $3 made it fly into my cart. 

I just have to fix one teensy part that you may not see unless I point it out. That blanket stitch is done on the ends of the 3/4 length sleeves and the bottom hem. Guess who wants to stitch on all her clothes now. LOL This was definitely a very happy find for me!

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the various projects I've been sharing. I know they aren't papercrafts or digi scrapping and hopefully that's not too disappointing, but I must confess dabbling in other crafts is immensely satisfying these days.

Have a great start to your week!


Kelley Eubanks said...

Glad Amy had a great time! Love that top too... cool find! Your necklace/flower looks great!! I enjoy seeing other projects besides papercrafts... it is a nice break! :)

Kathi C. said...

Lobster claws? Kanzashi flowers? Huh? LOL. Wow, Jeanne. You truly amaze me. The necklaces and flowers are drop-dead gorgeous. Your versatility blows my mind.

I am so glad to hear Amy had a good time. Her ability to venture off on her own is testament to the confidence you've given her. Yea, mom's get credit for the good stuff, too!

Finally, I love your new top. The $3 price tag made my mouth drop open. Is there such thing as an online thrift shop? This town is retail-challenged when it comes to new stuff. LOL.

So, what's next friend? Your audience is going to start expecting to be blown away with every post ... Just kidding! I love to hear about the "ordinary," too.

Hope your week is wonderful - just like you!

Sharli said...

Hi Jeanne! Your necklaces are SO pretty! And versatile!

I knew Amy would have a great weekend! She's secure in her home, and a perfect Girl Scout - I'm glad she's home happy and safe, too!

Your top is so pretty - Wow - only $3? Maybe I do need to stop at the thrift store more often so I can find such super bargains!

Have a terrific week, dear friend!

Kim Burmeister said...

YAY! Amy had a great time! Isn't it funny how they don't miss us. Wow, she is growing up.

Your necklaces are fantastic! You never cease to amaze me...AND your top is so pretty. Great deal!

Laurel said...

Glad she is home and had fun, such a cute picture! Love the necklaces you have made how pretty!

Sparkle said...

Glad she had a wonderful time! Your necklace is lovely!

Carolyn Christie said...

So glad she had a great time. There all grown up ya know when they sleep somewhere else over night. :) I love seeing all the different craftiness on your blog.

Alanna said...

She looks so happy. I love her vest. And the necklaces are gorgeous.

stampmonkey said...

Glad Amy had such a great time. My Monica was the one who always had to come home at bedtime...crying uncontrollably because she missed me. When hubby and I went on our honeymoon, I had to leave her with a picture AND another one in a locket that she could look at whenever she felt too lonely. My mom handled it well, and Monica survived the week. Scout overnighters never did fare that well. lol

I need to second Kathi's bewilderment at your jewelry-making terminology. lol I have NO idea what those things are, but you did a beautiful job using them. ;D I've seen those flowers before, and you did a great job with them...I'd never have thought to add them to jewelry. Very pretty necklaces, Jeanne.

Looks like you scored with your new tops too! I love the embroidered one...reminds me of one I was given back when I was 15 (wish I still had it).