Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sock Bunnies~Inspired By Kari!

Hi There!

Kari shared  some sock bunnies she made on her blog here the other day. In her post she said so very sweetly that she thought of me when she saw them. I grinned at that. Thanks, Kari! I told her I would definitely be making some for myself and so I have and I think they are so flippin' cute, I almost can't stand it. LOL

I sure had fun with these. Here is the link to the directions on how to make them. I tweaked the idea just a bit to make them "mine." I bought the Bobbie Socks (2T-3T size) at Target. At first I didn't want a whole package of 6, but in the end, I'm glad I got it. I first stuffed a single sock with popcorn kernals (like Kari did), but I didn't like how you could see the kernals through the sock. So, I used two socks, one inside the other, and I liked it much better. Mid-way through the first one, I thought putting safety eyes on would be cute, so I finagled a way to add them. I got all three put together, then it came time to cut the ears. But I had two socks together. Hmmmmm. I was going to roll one down, but it looked silly. Then I thought, why don't I pull the sock over the head and tuck the ends into the rubber band at the neck? But what about the eyes??? Hmmmmm, oh, I snipped just a tiny spot over the eye and was able to push the eye through the hole and tuck the edges under. Yay!!! I like the ribbing on the head, too. I thought about adding felt to the ears, but in the end liked the simplicity of the look without felt. Now I'm wondering how one would look with polyfil instead of popcorn kernals...well, I do have a few more socks left....

The end!
(sorry, just couldn't resist)

Have a great day!!


Alanna said...

Those are seriously so cute. I sawe Kari's yesterday and loved them just as I love yours. You girls are just so creative.

Sheila Bennett said...

Absolutely adorable bunnies! And I really like your plump little ribbed-head version better than the original. :)

Sparkle said...

These are just adorable!

Melanie said...

These are so ADORABLE!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Kathi C. said...

Well, that didn't take you long! VERY cute!!

Fun thing is, I've made them, too. Probably 15+ years ago from pastel, lace-edged, nylon baby socks, so they're smaller. I believe the trio I made for my sister still hangs on her Easter tree.

If you make them with polyfil, add a small bag of popcorn (rice works, too) in the bottom. Otherwise, they will topple over. In my doll-making days, I switched to washed sand for weight. Food stuff doesn't respond well to moisture of any kind and has the potential to get buggy. Also, were you to get another mouse in your house, he might decided to have one of your bunnies for lunch.

That was an earful, wasn't it? Just advice from an experienced old lady. LOL.

Enjoy the evening and have a great Friday!

Barb said...

These are so stinkin' cute! I am going to check out the link and then make a few for my daycare kids. The little boy LOVES bunnies and this will be perfect for him. Great job, Jeanne!

p/s Why can't you be my neighbor? :-) We would have a crafting good time, I tell ya!


Laurel said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, these are sooo cute! I love their tails!

Carolyn Christie said...

Jeanne they are ADORABLE Bunnies!! I love, love, love the tails!!! So cute!! But it was my daughter that made them with her little girls. I thought of U, so I posted them to share.
You did an awesome job!! I knew U would!! :)

Jackie said...

your bunnies are way too cute!!!!!

Sarah said...

OH MY GOSH...they are simply adorable Jeanne!!! How CUTE!

Sharli said...

:D Jeanne, I needed a lift and your post is just the ticket! What precious bunnies, and "the end" - indeed! You have such a flair for these sweet things - and I love how you worked through (and shared!) the details about the eyes, etc.


stampmonkey said...

Those are just darling, Jeanne! I'll bet your girls love them! Very creative of you to double the sock and then figure out a way to do the ears and eyes...just like you to see something and then make it your own!

big hugs to you!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh my goodness... how adorable! Love these!