Monday, April 26, 2010

A Flaming Hot Spot!

Happy Monday to you!

I've mentioned a time or two that the breakfast bar we have is my hot spot nemesis. Since I spent so much time last week on the whole tub issue, that meant I wasn't doing real well on keeping up with other things. I literally spent most of my day yesterday scraping and yanking the caulk in the tub. I'm relieved to say, I am almost done! I've got all the big hunks of caulk out and most of the tub cleaned up. I have a section that's about 12 inches long to do before I can call it done. One would think I would get going on it immediately this morning just to get it done. Yeah, no. Look at what a raging fire of a hotspot I had (also known as the breakfast bar, counter and sink). I'm keeping it real here, friends. I may talk a good game when it comes to cleaning up around here, but I still falter big time! LOL
One of the problems is that this space is so easily accessible to plunk things onto. I'm as guilty as any of the other members in the household. Don'tcha love the doll heads? The girls "rediscovered" them and have been doing up the hair the past several days. Next to them are two swimsuits I picked up at the thrift store. Unfortunately, they were too small. So, back they need to go. Um, there's Jessica's crown from Build-a-Bear. Lots of bottles to clean up our thrift store finds from the other weekend. Oooh, out of licorice in the big glass jar, let's put it right out there so Mom can be sure to see it. LOL Lots of stuff!
Further down, you can see the corner of our new dishwasher, breakfast dishes and stuff I threw on the counter from the "junk" drawer (the top one you see) when Steve interrupted my scraping so I could  find the Super Glue. The tube we had was dried up. Ugh. I was too focused on my tub job to clean it up yesterday.
 And my sink full of dishes. I'm about the only one who does them. Steve is a sort of a lick and promise guy when it comes to washing dishes, so I don't make a fuss. I'd rather they be clean. LOL Oh, I was going to load up the dishwasher, but somehow the dishwasher never got started last night, so these got washed by hand.

So, I diligently worked on clearing out the mess. I even cleaned out the junk drawer! I didn't take a picture though. Man, how can so much stuff end up in one little drawer? 

But I was rewarded for the efforts by this sight:
(disclaimer-the side you see that is still piled up on the left side is someone else's stuff. I gave up trying to clear it off, the stuff kept reappearing-I'm trying to come up with ideas to make it less glaring)

Any guesses as to how long it'll stay like this? How about until around 2:30 pm, when the girls get home from school? Or 5:30 when hubby arrives? I'll enjoy it while they are out of the house, though, that's for sure!


Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure glad you liked the cards I made with the digital supplies. Since I can't quite get to my not yet established crafty space in the house, I figured making those might be the next best thing!



Jean said...

I love this post! No one helps me clean unless I nag, nag, nag. Your kitchen counter before and after pics make me feel like I'd be right at home with you, lol!!

Kim Burmeister said...

I need to take a look at my hot spot and clean it too. Great job, Jeanne!

Alanna said...

There is something about a kitchen counter that just calls for stuff to be put on it. If your house is anything like mine, I would say that your cleaned off counter will be piling up stuff by the end of the evening. :) It looks good for now though. How do we train our kids and hubbies to not just dump stuff wherever? If you figure that out, please share with the rest of us.

Melanie said...

If you only have ONE HOT're lucky! They're all over the place in our house! And I, too, do good to get anyone to assist me to DILIGENTLY clean!! LOL

Kathi C. said...

Happy Monday to you, too, my sweet friend!

I love your post. You're not the only one with hot spots. At our house(apartment), it's the table. There is also a pile of "stuff" in the corner of the bedroom. Drives me nuts!

Enjoy your clean kitchen while it lasts, and have a wonderful week!

Carolyn Christie said...

Oh my countertops are clutter spots. I hate that. You have doll heads. I have race cars and such.

Happy cleaning my friend!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Ever heard of a dump basket? Um, yeah. Mine is sort of toppling over. I need to go through the PILES!! Thanks for the inspiration and for keeping it real!!

Anke said...

Your counter looks a lot like mine does every day! It's not even worth the effort to clean it, as soon as the kids come home, it's all messy again :)

Jackie said...

oh i so understand...those horizontal surfaces are just hard to keep clean...cuz you put the next thing down in the available space :)Ha...maybe I should go do mine right now ;)