Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrifty Score #2

Oh my, what work I had to do to be able to post this. Thank goodness for having multiple computers in the house! LOL The card reader on my computer isn't working at the moment. So, I ended up starting this post on Steve's computer, so I could upload pictures. Then I saved it and went back to mine to finish the post. LOL

Thanks for your sweet comments on the thrifty finds from yesterday. I hinted at being able to share another one and possibly two. Well, this post is about the second option. The first one isn't ready yet, but hopefully it will be later today. (I will be writing it after I publish this post, so check again soon).

A little (okay, long)  backstory...a couple of weeks ago on my thrifty hunt, I saw this item and really, really liked it. Only it was too expensive and the color tag it had on it meant that I couldn't get it for half price. I admired it, sighed and moved on. However, I did tell Steve about it. At the time, he wasn't much interested and I dropped the subject. Going back to the same store another day, I saw the item still in the store, with a different color tag and a lower price, but knowing Steve wasn't interested, I admired again, tried to convince myself it was a little too beat up to ease my longing, and moved on. 

Then yesterday, the item was STILL in the store, but the color tag was the one that wasn't on sale. I did see another item that tickled my fancy hugely, and I called Steve to come to the store to take look (this is what I will be showing in my next post). He thought that item was a great deal and okayed the purchase. We wandered around a bit and Steve came to this item. He looked it over and thought it was pretty cool. Only it wasn't on sale. He told me if it was still there next week, when it would go on sale again, I could get it. I was very excited.

I moved along on my shopping and was on my way home when I realized I had a coupon that said if I donated something, I could get one item for 50% off! I double checked and it would work for this item I've been longing for the past few weeks. I'll tell you how much I paid for it after the pictures. I'm still pinching myself. (hee, hee)

Are you ready?

You sure?

Okay, enough suspense. You may not think it's a big deal after all this talk, but it is a big deal to me!

TA DA!!!!
Closed, it looks like this
But open it up and you get THIS!
A new to me computer workstation armoire!

Our next door neighbor is completely awesome. He has a furniture dolly and he helped us move in my new goodies and he loaned us the use of Old English scratch remover for dark wood. That stuff rocks!

And even better...I got this sweet station for $35! No that is not a typo! When I first saw it, it was over $100.
Ahhhh, sometimes it sure pays to be patient. And it helped I'm sure that it looked beat up and was missing some knobs. The knobs are easily replaceable and the scratches aren't too glaring, 
so it works very well for me.

Sigh...I'm a happy girl!
Check again in a bit for my other great find!


Carolyn Christie said...

OMG Again! How cool is that. As i was reading your post and how badly you waited and wanted that computer armoire. This scripture came to me.
"May he give you the desires of your heart, and make all your plans succeed.
Psalm 20;4

How awesome Jeanne! What a deal! :)

Alanna said...

Jeanne, I'm so happy for you. Our patience can pay off big time and it looks like yours did. What a bargain and it looks so fabulous.

Kathi C. said...

So wonderfully awesome! I am so thrilled for you ... and just a tad jealous.

Tonight at stamp club, I asked my friends if they had ever been to some of the thrift shops in the bigger towns within 150 miles of year. Some had. Perhaps this summer I'll go on a "treasure" hunt.

Again, sweet!!! Tell that boy to have a nice day tomorrow. LOL.

Kim Burmeister said...

Holy Moly! Only $35.00! WOW! I need to shop at YOUR thrift store...hee hee! That is spectacular!