Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Field Trip!

Jessica's class has been studying plants and each year the first grade classes take a field trip to either the Botanic Gardens or The Hudson Gardens. This year they went to The Hudson Gardens. I didn't get to go when Amy was in first grade because I had Jessica at home and no one to watch her. Jessica's teacher called me personally to ask if I would be willing to chaperone since I know the class pretty well after all my volunteering. I thought it would be fun, so of course, I said yes. Today was the day and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. Temps in the 60s and very sunny. I remembered my camera and got a few shots that I thought you might like to see.

Unfortunately, at this time of year, not every thing is blooming. But the Gardens have a neat set up for keeping the kids involved in touring the gardens. They give each group leader a tote bag with supplies and information. Our tour involved using the senses. Essentially, this is a self guided tour.  I missed taking pictures of the gorgeous tulips at our first stop because I was still finding my bearings on what I needed to do with the information and supplies. We went first to the Oval Gardens and the kids got to exercise their sense of sight looking for different colored flowers.

The following pictures are when we stopped to exercise our sense of tough. Their were three canvas bags in the tote and little chalkboards. The kids got to feel the bags (I thought) and guess what was in it. Later I found out they could have stuck their hands into the bags. Duh! I'm a dork, but the kids enjoyed it. Here you see Jessica drawing what she thought was in the first bag. They were trying to copy each other, so for the next bag, I had them find another spot to draw what they thought was in the bag.
Jessica chose this chair. Doesn't it look like an idyllic spot to rest and enjoy the scenery??
Around this same area was the neatest miniature railroad track. I sure wish the train had been running, but 
it probably would have been too distracting for the learners.
In this picture you can see the track from above and also the Chocolate Garden. Yes, the plants there were supposed to smell like chocolate. They sort of did, I guess. We were to also find the stinky plant, but never did. Again, I suspect it's because it's pretty early in the growing season.

A pretty plant along the way.
We also went to the vegetable garden to find plants that could be harvested to make a tasty salad. Um...we had to imagine those, as not all the plants were visible just yet.

Another stop along the path.

There was a rock formed play structure called the Hobbit Hole which was a big hit after the students ate their lunches.  Then it was time to load back onto the bus and head back to school.

Jessica really enjoyed this field trip and so did I. We might have to go back this summer when more plants will be in full glory mode to get the best effect.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you've had a terrific Tuesday!



Sparkle said...

Glad you had a great time! I love her cute dress!

Kathi C. said...

What a fun day for you and Jessica! Those gardens look amazing - definitely worth checking out later in the season.

I'm so glad you have the opportunity to do things like this - it so makes being a SAHM worthwhile.

Have a great evening, Jeanne!

Laurel said...

Looks like a beautiful day and fun was had!

Kim Burmeister said...

Looks like a fun and beautiful day! I love it when the weather cooperates on field trip days.

Sharli said...

You are such a good Mom! I love that you had them "guessing" - that sounds like something I would have done!!! If they didn't tell me to open the bags, then we won't! LOL

Darling photos - sounds like a nice garden!

Anke said...

what a beautiful place! I wouldn't mind a field trip to those gardens, you got some great shots! (now you just have to scrap them :))

Carolyn Christie said...

Jessica is adorable!! Looks like fun!! So nice you got to go along.

mE said...

GOrgeous pictures! Looks like you had a FABULOUS day :)



Alanna said...

I'm glad the 2 of you had such a good time at the fieldtrip.

Jackie said...

that looks fun! aren't you glad that you can do that with and for your kids...you are a great mom!