Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet Freida Frog and I'm Still Cleaning...LOL

Hi there!

We've had a few days of wonky weather, but hopefully for the rest of the week it's going to be nice and spring-like. On Tuesday morning, seemingly out of the blue, we had a hailstorm. Nothing destructive, but tiny styrofoam looking balls. The girls told me as I drove them to school that I didn't need to use the wipers because they'd bounce right off the window. ha, ha! Then yesterday, we woke up to snow! Thankfully neither episode lasted long and now the sun is shining. Yay!

I'm sure you didn't stop by to read about crazy Colorado weather, so I'll move on. I switched from cleaning/oiling slatted laundry closet doors to working on the cabinets in the kitchen! Do I know how to entertain myself or what? LOL

Just before I got busy, I spotted this little cutie on our breakfast bar! She was a little skittish, but I got her onto my finger and put her outside, where hopefully she is one happy little ladybug.

This is what I have to work with in my kitchen. I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but the owners before us did a lot of their own projects on the house. The story, as told to us, was the lady of the house wanted the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room taken out. Apparently her husband didn't get to that project fast enough to suit her, so she knocked a hole in the wall herself. The result is the extra large breakfast bar. I'm grateful she had the idea because I love how open my kitchen and living room are. The job was definitely a diy project as the cabinet doors can attest. Not that they are horrible to me, but definitely home-made. Good thing I'm not someone who insists on an upscale kitchen. Even if I was, I'd never get it, but I just want function mostly. So, we have these wooden cabinets. That have door fronts that don't get cleaned all that much. Gosh, you guys are gonna think I live in a pit the way I'm confessing, or rather that I've not been a very good housekeeper. Well, maybe that's true, but I have been a bit busy these past years. LOL

I've attempted to do surface cleaning, I promise, but nothing real deep. Honest to goodness, I never thought before to use Murphy's Oil Soap. But I thought of it after my closet door cleaning. So I got started this morning. Now mind you, I'm not showing you what it looks like INSIDE the closed doors and drawers, but the first picture is the before and the second picture is the after. If you don't see much of a difference, bless you. I sure do! Hubby likes to make waffles, which are yummy, but he's a messy cook and not the bestest cleaner-upper. I've scraped off countless drips of dried on waffle batter. The girls are a bit messy, too and I took off a few globs of jelly. Just keepin' it real. I was going to work on the top cabinets, but decided to save that job for another day (ie, I was tired of cleaning). So the waffle drips and jelly globs are gone and the doors/drawers are drinking in a generous portion of Murphy's Oil. Yay!

I've been working on a new knitted doll this past week or so, when I've had the chance. I finished her last night. She is going to be Amy's teacher's end of year gift. Amy told me once her favorite animal is a frog and her favorite color is green. When I saw this pattern on Amy Gaines' Etsy shop, I knew just what to do. (Dang, if you buy this pattern right now, it's on SALE...shoulda waited. LOL)

The name Freida popped into my head so I'm calling her Freida Frog.

I think she came out pretty cute. The hardest part for me this time was finding three shades of green that coordinated! I never thought that would be difficult, but it took some hunting to find the yarn I used. Basic Red Heart, but not every store sells coordinating colors. Go figure. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I sure hope you are having a good week. The weekend'll be here before you know it!


Barb said...

Your house cleaning stories inspire me to get my rear in gear and deep clean mine! And I absolutely LOVE Miss Freida! She's cute as can be!

Alanna said...

I'm with Barb on this. You are definitely inspiring a lot of people I think to do a bit more deep cleaning. At least, inspiring aspirations of cleaning, in myself at least. :)

Frieda is adorable. Enjoy the weather. Hopefully it will stay nice for the weekend.

Laurel said...

What a cute frog!

Sparkle said...

Your frog is just the cutest!

Kathi C. said...

Bless your sweet heart for carrying that ladybug outside to live out her life.

Your cabinets look great! And you're not the only one who has to scrap off foodstuff. "Messy Marv" is the culprit at my house. LOL.

I love Frieda! She's SO cute!!!

Kim Burmeister said...

Oh, you are like Fly Lady inspiring me to clean my cupboards too.

Love, love, love Freida!

mE said...

You go girlie!!! Nice job!

I think your breakfast bar is hard to keep up with cuz it has that tile top.

I need to work on the cabinets around and above my stove.. bleh. Just haven't convinced myself to climb up on a chair or step stool to reach them... Wanna come clean them for me? I will make you something cool! LOL!

Love the frogggggie! :)


stampmonkey said...

Good for you to keep finding more housekeeping projects (I'm living vicariously though you...not so motivated to do the same around here just yet -lol)!

I absolutely ADORE Ms. Freida!! She's sooooooo DARLING...not my typical adjective when describing frogs mind you. ;)

big hugs,

Jackie said...

love your "confessions"....too funny....and frieda is really cute!

Sharli said...

Freida is adorable, Jeanne! The cabinet cleaning is putting me to shame!! I have oak cabinets that are crying for a little touch of oil. Well . . .

Thanks for saving the ladybug. I like ladybugs!

Carolyn Christie said...

Cute Freida!! Hey when you get tired of cleaning at your house, come on over! :)