Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just got off the phone with Steve who was chatting with a co-worker who's done this type of stuff before and since I found mold, this guy thinks we should pull out the surround and make sure there isn't any behind it. Oh man! All I wanted to do was re-caulk the tub, not a major thing like this. Steve told me not to attempt to caulk until we talk more when he gets home.

Yep, the surprise is on me!  Sigh...talk about renovation realities. (but it gets me out of attempting to caulk...)


Sparkle said...

I hope there isn't mold behind...but I would be laughing at the TV too. I will have to watch that show now.

Sharli said...

Oh No!!! I hope everything is ok - I'm really pretty disgusted with how contractor types blow the mold thing out of proportion. Any bathroom is going to have some mildew - that doesn't mean it's all inside the walls, for heaven's sake!

Ok. Enough rant. I'll just say a prayer for you Jeanne that it's "nothing".


Kim Burmeister said...

Oh, BOY! Mold! I think that is a good idea. I have heard to many horror stories about mold. Good luck! At least you found it and it will be taken care of. There was a CSI about mold and it wasn't good.

Hugs to you!

Anke said...

Oh boy oh boy! Not what you were looking forward to I'm sure. Mold is not something to joke around with, so I feel for you. Let somebody else deal with it!

mE said...

UGGGGGH!!Steve's friend is right!

You can do it. Pull out that surround (which will likely break) and check for mold... If you have ANY blackness in the mold dept it's best to check in the wall... mold is not something you want to take lightly.

HUGS to you! It seems so much worse when you're IN the situation, but really, you can handle it. Remember that nasty poo flood I had? It felt like the world was ending, but we survived and the house was better when it was all done.

HUGS to you!