Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crocheted Jewelry!

Hi there!

Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the planet, although it might seem like it. I've been busy with the girls (of course) and working on the projects I am sharing today. These are a gift for a friend who doesn't check my blog with any regularity (that I am aware of) so I think it is safe to show them off.

My friend has a birthday coming up and I've had the idea to create this set for awhile. (it's from the leaflet called Beauties to Crochet 2) In fact, I had some of the supplies already purchased a month or so ago. (go, me!) But, I haven't really had a chance to sit down and actually work on the project until the middle of last week. Technically, this wasn't hard to create, although it ended up taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated. Take a look at the finished project. 
 And here is a picture of the project from the booklet if you want to see what inspired me:

I have the necklace hanging over the back of my chair and the earrings stuck into the back of the chair.
Here they are sitting on the seat of the chair.
And here is the necklace by itself.

Didn't it come out neat? That necklace strand is 28 inches long!

I first intended to use some wooden discs to give it more dimension (the project that inspired me had them). I strung the pattern I thought I would use and tried to get started. It turns out I would have been using 3 different sizes of beads and after a frustrating evening, I realized it wasn't going to work the way I originally envisioned. So, I took all the beads off and restrung them minus one of the different sized beads(remember, the strand needed to be 28 inches when I was done-that's a lot of beads), but keeping the wooden discs. Um, when I finally got that one going, I didn't like the look I was getting with the discs! They stuck out way too far. 
So I had to take all the beads off and start again.
But the strand without the discs and small wooden balls looked great, so I kept at it.
Only to find out I didn't string enough beads to get the length I needed. 
So, I added what I needed on a new string and attempted to join the new string.
THAT took a while before I finally got it last night. LOL
But, I finished the rope and loved it!

There's something to be said (but I don't know what) for being persistent.

Today I strung the beads around the large wooden disc and made the dangle.
Then it was onto the earrings.
I had to modify those, too.
It took a few attempts (and another quick trip to the store) and I got those to work.
The girls think they are pretty nifty.

I picked up the current issue of Crochet magazine because it had this super neat looking bracelet in it. Click on this link and scroll down to Dress it Up-Sweet and Simple Bracelets. If you click on the image, you can see it a bit better.
The project in the magazine was blue, but I thought this variegated pearl cotton would look really neat.
I couldn't find the beads the magazine used, so I improvised.

Here's the result:

And how it looks on my wrist.
This is the same color that I used on the earrings for Mrs. Wilson, but instead of using DMC floss, I used a skein of Size 5 pearl cotton-which you can find in the same area as the floss.
The circles are 1/2 inch plastic rings.
The beads are glass beads that I thought looked great with the pearl cotton.
THIS project took about an hour, and that is only because the thread kept getting tangled and I had to undo the knots. Otherwise, it probably would have taken half an hour, tops.
The clasp is a magnetic one. Way easy to put on and take off.

So, that's what's been keeping me busy the past several days.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope you have a great week!



Sparkle said...

These are all so lovely! I love the neutral tones too.

Laurel said...

Oh my gosh those are gorgeous pieces of jewelry!

Sharli said...

Simply gorgeous! You are SO talented!

Kim Burmeister said...

Holy Moly, Jeanne! These are amazing and so are you!

Alanna said...

What a great set of jewelry. I'm glad your persistence paid off and the end results are fabulous.

Love the bracelet too. I can't believe it only took you an hour to make.

I'll second everyone else's sentiments. You are very talented.

Anke said...

Wow Jeanne, both sets are amazing looking. I really love the necklace. I am telling you, you could sell these on Ebay for sure (or Etsy) Adorable!!!! Maybe I should stop looking at your blog with any regularity too! :)

Jean said...

Those look awesome! I bet you could even sell those and make some good money. Love it!!

Kathi C. said...

I'm speechless. And as I've said so many times before, you amaze me in so many ways. The necklace, earrings, and bracelet are all gorgeous.

Hope you are enjoying your time with the girls, too. I am sure you are.

Have a good week, wonderful friend!

Felicia Fernandez said...

Goodness gracious! Those are just absoulutely, positively, stunningly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

nonapearl said...

beautiful Jeanne! You are amazing!!!

Carolyn Christie said...

Awesome job, so pretty! Love the colors!

itsabrt said...

These are magnificent! Beth

Shropshire Suz said...

Hi Jeanne..great jewellery

African Flower Pattern..l do 2 chain in the corners of the 6th row and most patterns only do one...might help to get the sharper corners
so last row is
4dc 1 chain (on the side) 4dc 2chain (on the corners and the top of the flower petal) then repeat on all 6 sides
Good luck
hugs x

Jackie said...

YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!! Love the necklace!

Barb said...

Your crocheted jewelry is just gorgeous, Jeanne! Oh my goodness!! I love the should open an Etsy...I would buy these for sure! Love 'em!