Saturday, June 26, 2010

Successfully Nine!

Well, it's a day late, but it's official now. Amy is now successfully nine years old (her use of the word successfully in that sentence-love it).

After hearing her share that her birthday is coming up for months and months, yesterday was the big day. We are having her party this afternoon, but she got to open one gift from us to tide her over until then. When asked what she wanted, she always said the skipper thing. You'll see, she got her wish. Man, it was tough to get any ideas for other things she really wanted. She really didn't have any burning desires and would run the gamut from the skipper to a piano! LOL
This is the skipper thing she wanted.
Nothing like being able to grant a wish without breaking the bank. 
She also mentioned she'd like something to make her bike look cool. 
I found a spoke light that either lit up solid or blinking. 
She thought it was very cool.
Because I know the time's a-coming when gifts like this won't be quite so cool.
Then she had to try out the new "skipper."
At around 7am.




The day was filled with my running errands to get ready for the party and our upcoming road trip.
When I got home, the girls wanted to go to lunch at the school that offers free hot lunches every week day.
On the way home from that, we pass the pool. 
They wanted to go swimming.
(it was already in the upper 80s by noon, heading toward the upper 90s for the day)
I knew they'd love the feel of the cool water...
So, I took them home to get suited up and we headed to the pool.
The day care that was there included kids that the girls knew from school, so they had a blast playing with friends.

For dinner, we headed to Red Robin and had an enjoyable meal together. With her getting very embarrassed when they sang to her. But she was happy to endure it for the sundae she got when they were done. LOL

After getting home from that, I needed a bit of a "break," so I headed out for a little bit of quiet mommy time.

As I was walking toward the van, Amy hollered out the window....

Mom, you always make my birthday awesome!

That, my friends, is THE best thanks I could have received!

Hope you have a "successfully awesome" day, too!



Kim Burmeister said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! That is a great gift. I remember those! A cool bike is important too.

Amy looks so happy. Can't wait to see a layout...hee hee!

Sharli said...

Oh Jeanne, you make my day awesome, too! I've got little tears of joy right now just reading about Amy's birthday! How perfect.

mE said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Jeanne, you're an awesome mommy!



Alanna said...

Happy 9th birthday Amy. Sounds like you had a great day.

Jeanne, you are such a wonderful mother and I'm glad that your girls know that.

Mom2three said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration and a beautiful smile she has! Her "skipper" reminded me of the one I had when I was little, except mine had a lemon at the end.

*Thanks for stopping by my blog and seeing the Father's Day project you inspired! Everyone that saw it loved the idea! Thanks for sharing it!

stampmonkey said...

Wow, Jeanne! You always go all out to make your girls' lives so memorable and special...even the every-day stuff. I'm so glad that Amy realizes all the love and extra time and attention you give them, and I'm even happier that she took the time to tell you so! ;)

I love her expression that shows she was so excited to receive the gifts she did --good job, mom! ;)

Enjoy these sweet days of youth and innocence with them --they pass by so quickly.

Happy {belated} Birthday, Amy! ;D

big hugs,

Jackie said...

How can she jump with that thing and bare feet? OUCH! Boy that really dates me when I need to have shoes on my feet to do anything ;)

Barb said...

Oh, looks like Amy had an awesome day...what a cutie!

Carolyn Christie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Amy! Growing up I use to run barefoot all the time. At that age you never really think about putting shoes on. :)
Those ankle toys were fun! They still make them? Wow

Kathi C. said...

Love Amy's big smiles! Love her comment to you, too. You'll remember it always. She will, too.