Friday, June 18, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on the Father's Day gift idea I shared. Hope you're right and Steve likes and doesn't think it's too cheesy. LOL

Been busy crocheting another project from the Crochet Today issue I picked up. This project is one of the main reasons I picked up the issue. The s'mores were a happy bonus.

First up, here's a cute little bear:
He wants to go fishin', but needs a few things...

Like a hat to protect his sweet ears and head.

When he gets to the creek, he'll have to make up his fishin' pole

Like, so.
Oh, goodness...looks like he was pretty successful already!

Yep, he sure had a happy day!

Whoops, looks like those little fishies want to try to get back to the creek!

Not to worry, our little friend got them back into the basket.

Now, doesn't this make you wish fishing in real life looked this cute?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Kim Burmeister said...

He is the cutest fisherman I have ever seen. Well, except my boys and DH...hee hee! Love it!

Jean said...

He's so cute, I can hardly stand it!!

Felicia Fernandez said...

You're too much!!!! Love it!

Barb said...

Jeanne!! This little guy is so stinkin' cute! And all of his little accessories are ADORABLE!! He brought a big smile to my face!

Sparkle said...

This is the cutest thing ever!

Angela2932 said...

This little group has such great personality! And Jeanne, I love your "DAD" gift! What a great idea! Think I'm going to store this one away and even give it a try with my "old" crew (of 3!; how perfect is that?) next year.

Maria said...

What an adorable little guy! He's just too cute.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my comments on Angela's blog and I'm so glad you stopped by at my blog.

I'm adding you to my list as well.

This blogging hobby is fun!

Sharli said...

Outstanding! How adorable - you really need to start a business selling these darling creations! You have so much talent and you could charge an arm and a leg for them - people like me who can't make anything with yarn would buy them!


Kathi C. said...

So very cute, Jeanne! Makes me want to hook the boat up to the truck and head for the lake! Seriously, this is the sweetest bear, and those little fish are amazing.

Have a great weekend, wonderful friend!

Jackie said...

that fisher bear is really well as the turtle.....what do you do with all these critters? do your girls play with them?

Carolyn Christie said...

How cute is that Jeanne!! You amaze me with your creations!!
I got my fishing license yesterday and Micah & I went fishing. First time for me in years. Sam's at camp so M & I just went. It was so fun, cept I don't do the worm thing. Yuck!