Sunday, June 13, 2010

Inspired to Crochet...

A project found in the July/August issue of Crochet Today magazine.
I was wandering around JoAnn's yesterday and had some 50% off coupons burning a hole in my purse. This is the first time in a long time I've had good coupons where the store didn't already have the magazines on sale, so I quickly scanned through this magazine and the May/June issue. I liked what I saw, so I bought them both. 
I actually didn't see this project until I was on my way home and checking it out at a red light. Then I couldn't wait to get home and show the girls.

Boy, they were as excited as I was!
So, I got to work and before long had these made up.
Marshmallows on a stick!
And you can't have marshmallows on a stick without something to toast them over, right?

Omg...check this out!
Isn't that just the cutest little fire you've ever seen?
And I never, ever thought I'd say that about a fire! 

Me thinks it is a hit with my girls!

So, what do you do after you toast the marshmallows?


How about...
make S'mores!!!!
Yes! So very cute!

One on its side and view of the top graham cracker.

I think I giggled the whole time I was making this.
Did not take long at all, I had ALL the pieces crocheted last night and put the marshmallows together on the stick and had the fire done. I just needed to sew together the s'mores. Which I did just a little bit ago.

Just the ticket to pretend it's s'more weather
even though it's still raining.

And that's enough to put a smile on anyone's face.
Happy Sunday to you!


Sharli said...

Oh my goodness, Jeanne! How simply delightful!!!! You are amazing.

Jackie said...

Oh you find the most fun things to make :)

Sparkle said...

These are just adorable! I love the smores!

Barbara said...

Oh Jeanne those are all just the cutest things! You made them all look so sweet.

Hugs XX

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, these are the cutest things ever! The smores look so yummy! I love the cute face on the flames. Wow! AMAZING!

Anke said...

Oh my gosh, they are adorable!!! I bet the girls loved the stuff to pieces (mine would probably lament the fact that you can't eat them) You are so talented!!!

Jean said...

Those are sooo adorable! Makes me want to take up crochet...(I can't start another craft, I can't start another!)

Sunghee said...

oh my my my!!!

itsabrt said...

You and your fun foods are terrific! Beth

Kathi C. said...

The cutest darned thing I ever saw! Love the smiles on the girls' faces, too!

So good "talking" to you on the weekend. Big hugs!!

mE said...

Oh my goodness! This is the cutest little set!! How much would y ou charge me to make a set? My nieces and nephews would simply adore this!!



stampmonkey said...

This is THE cutest set ever!! I'll bet your girls are having a blast with it! BTW, I love your new fire pit for the back yard too! Hope you've been enjoying lots of nice evenings, complete with s'mores! ;)

big hugs,

Carolyn Christie said...

How cute is that! Creative you are!! Your girls are adorable!

Alanna said...

How stinkin' cute are these? You have more creativity and talent in your little finger than I do in my entire body.

I'm so glad you share your talents with us.

Barb said...

SO CUTE!! You are the crochet QUEEN!! You make me want to pick up some yarn and get crafting!!! You are not only creating cute items, you're creating memories for your girls and THAT is just wonderful!!