Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Zoo Time!

The girls decided last night that they really, really wanted to go to the zoo today.
Well, why not? That's why I renewed our expired zoo membership last week.
So, we loaded up a backpack and headed out.
Got there right as it opened. It was kind of cloudy and not overly hot, perfect!
On a whim, I told the girls we should try heading in the opposite direction we normally go. They were agreeable, so we started where we usually end our visits. I'm so glad we did this because it was like seeing a whole new zoo. There have been exhibits we've passed simply because we were so used to heading to certain ones in a certain order.
One of the exhibits is called Bird World and um, we have never stepped foot into it before today.
Look what we've missed!
(click on any photo to see it larger)
I wish I could remember the name of this...I think it was a wattled carroway. 
This one was called a secretary bird. I think because of the feathers on the back of its head.
Too many times we've simply not enjoyed the flamingos. 
Here a couple of them were pecking at each other. Sort of looked to me like they were playing. (but I'm sure I'm wrong about that.)
Thought this was a nice shot.
In the primate area, one must bang on the drums (hopefully with abandon).
Then switch places and make more music.
I don't recall seeing a mandrill up close like this before. Not a bad shot considering he was behind glass.
We've visited the lorikeets before, but I had to share the vibrant colors in this shot!
This was another exhibit we visited for the first time today. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to capture the beauty of the colors these two had.

Peacocks roam the zoo and oftentimes you'll see the males showing off their feathers.
However today we were lucky to see him showing them off to hopefully attract the peahen.
You can see her on the right side of the feather plumage.
I've never seen them do their thing like this before. On this, the back side, they shake those feathers above the tail area in quite an interesting fashion.
And they sort of curve the feathers in to draw the peahen closer I'm thinking.
It was very neat to see. I was just hoping they wouldn't do the deed.
That would be a little more 'splaining than I really wanted to do today.

And to see the giraffes. 
Loved how these two created a neat look for this shot.
Because we have a membership, we don't have to stay all day long.
After a couple of hours the girls were content to head out for the day.
What a lovely morning we enjoyed.


Erica said...

PERFECT day for the zoo! It's still cloudy here ...looks like you had fun!

Kim Burmeister said...

Wow, Jeanne! You took some awesome pics. Looks like you had a great day. Can't wait to see the digi layout of this trip...hint hint. :-)

Kathi C. said...

A great way to start the day! Love all the photos. While big city living probably wouldn't be my cup of tea, it sure would be fun to have such neat stuff to see nearby. We have cows in pastures. LOL.

Hope the rest of your day was wonderful, too!

Sharli said...

How refreshing - thanks for the mini-vacation Jeanne! I love your photos (and sense of humor!) I think my DD was about 7 when she announced adamantly that she was sure glad she wasn't a female duck!


Anke said...

what a fun time! I always love going to the Zoo, although ours is more than an hour away! I love your photos, the flamingos are gorgeous! I need to load the kids up and head out that way too!

mE said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST! I love all the animals! The peacocks are soooo pretty! :)

My mom took kids (nieces and nephews) to their zoo yesterday and today while my niece had surgery (tubes & adenoids). I love hearing the kids describe their zoo adventures! :)

Felicia Fernandez said...

Oh how I miss the Denver Zoo!!!! The one here just isn't as grand. Those are some great pictures too. Makes me homesick!

Jackie said...

Oh what a great time..when we lived in so calif we would get passes to the wild animal much fun to take the kids there when they were young...great pictures of the animals

Lori said...

Wow. You took some awesome photos.
They are gorgeous.
Thanks for the heads up on my layout.

Alanna said...

What a fun time and I'm glad you decided to take a different route. I love all the pictures. Enjoy your membership. What a great idea.

Barb said...

What a perfect day! I love your zoo pics...the bird photos especially.