Friday, February 11, 2011

Cinderella Ball

Thought you might like to see some pictures from the Cinderella Ball the 2nd graders had today. I was one of the parents who went in to help decorate the gym. I have to admit, the place looked really magical when it was all said and done. The music teacher bought lots of boxes of white light strands and we parents were able to use them to transform the gym. She also bought lots of sparkly foil snowflakes and streamer type things. She has a lighted arbor that was set up at the opening of the gym and each "couple" were announced as Prince and Princess and their first names. It was so adorable. They librarian for the school was Cinderella and the boyfriend of one of the 2nd grade teachers was her prince. They were announced after all the junior princes and princesses. In a lot of the pictures you can see that Jessica is trying to watch the lovely Cinderella. (so sweet).

There are a bunch of pictures because even though I KNOW the lighting is terrible, I cannot help myself from thinking I just might get a decent shot indoors at the school. I did the best I could with editing in PSE.
 A couple of shots of the gym
I didn't get a shot of the lit arbor they walked through, darn.
 Jess and her partner were announced
 Trying to sneak a peek at Cinderella
 Ready to dance and waiting for the music.
 A lovely couple indeed.
They look like they were having fun, too.
 Still trying to sneak a peek at Cinderella
 The second dance was a line dance.
 The kids did a great job.

I liked how I caught the twirling of Jessica's dress.

And at the end, the clock (gong) struck midnight. Cinderella and all the princesses ran off so as not to get caught by the final stroke. 

The Prince and young princes were perplexed.

Then we headed to the cafeteria and the princes and princesses were served Royal Sundaes.

So cute and a lot of fun!

It was a magical afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

(the kids were so happy with the Valentine's I made them...yay)


Jena said...

That is SO adorable! The lights look great and Jessica looks like she enjoyed herself - TFS!

Jackie said...

What a fun time.....great idea :)

Beth aka BR-T said...

Oh this is just the sweetest! What a fun time for all! I wish this is what prom was like!

Carolyn said...

How cute is THAT!! Not to mention FUN! I'll bet she had a blast!

Kim Burmeister said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! Love your action shots! Awesome!

Sharli said...

Hi Jeanne! This looks like so much fun!! I love your photos - you got some great ones (her sneaking a peak at Cinderella for example - LOL)

Happy Valentines Day, dear friend!

Barb said...

How sweet is this? VERY!! The decorations are perfect! I know everyone had a great time!

Anke said...

How adorable Jeanne! I think your photos came out great. It's hard to get good shots in a dark gym! Love her dress and the swirling motion is fabulous! Totally cute!!!