Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little More Decor...

It's a balmy 9 degrees outside today. Still pretty dang cold, but better than below zero right? Not sure what the windchill is though. The girls and I hung out this morning, then I took them to McDonald's for lunch so they could run off some energy in the play area. When we got home, they wanted to go to a friend's house to play. While they've been gone, I took the opportunity to create some more decor items for Valentine's Day. All you need are some (okay, a lot of) circles of felt, pins and a styrofoam ball. I got the felt and styrofoam at the thrift store (not all at the same time). Pins are from Walmart. You fold the circles in half and then in half again and pin them to the styrofoam. And you end up with these:
Oh, you might want to get some ribbon from the Dollar Tree, too. I also added a couple of packages of Red Hots to the vase to "ground" it.
This little vignette is the bottom shelf of the tea cart I bought at the thrift store last year. And I've added a few more thrift store finds. *Ü* I really like the dark gray thing. It came without a tray (and cost me $1.50), so I hunted around and found a cookie pan at Home Goods that fit pretty near perfectly.
Here you can see them separated.
And how nicely it fits.
Add a little thrift store tray and it's the perfect spot for some felted decor. 

I can't take credit for the decor idea. I've seen them popping up all over the crafty blogs I read. 

This is a pretty easy craft idea, but a little tip or two for you might help. The middle red one above, I made last weekend. I used a Nestability circle and my Cuttlebug to cut the felt. I realized after I was done, I had felt dust everywhere! I knew I wanted to make at least three more, so I figured that wasn't going to be the best idea. Today I cut a paper circle and used it to trace circles onto the felt and cut them out by hand. I still have some felt dust, but not nearly as much. My hand it a little tired, but if you make just one, it shouldn't be too bad. I didn't even count how many circles I cut. I just traced a bunch, cut them out and stuck them on. Then cut some more. I started around 1:30 or so and finished them about 3:45 with a few breaks in there to rest my hand. Not bad, I don't think.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!



Laurel said...

Love how you always decorate for the season!

Beth aka BR-T said...

I am totally with Laurel on that your house must be the most inviting place ever!

Sparkle said...

These are just darling!

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, you are so creative in your home decor. Those are so cool! I love your thrift store buy. I would have walked by that and kept walking. You see the great potential in these great items. It would be fun to go thrift store shopping with you.

Kathi C. said...

I've been playing with Styrofoam balls, too, albeit the project is a bit different. I think I like yours better tho. Love your pretty felt spheres!!

Hope you are having a great week. Talk to you soon, my sweet friend.

Barb said...

How sweet are these?! I love playing with felt. You've done a wonderful job with these. You are SO creative!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeanne,

I love hearing all about your thrift store finds and I love how you decorate for every occasion. Thanks for sharing and I like the way you shared your taco soup recipe. I'll have to give it a try.

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I like those ball decorations that you have there. It will definitely make the whole room so nice.
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Carolyn said...

Very pretty! Gotta love those thrift stores! :)

Jena said...

Cute, cute! I have some styrofoam balls and felt lying around, I may have to whip up a few ;-) I was cutting some felt flowers with my cuttlebug recently and found that different types of felt didn't cut as well - I got sick of re-cutting everything out!

BTW, we tried the Taco Soup recipe you shared - yummy - TFS!