Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Stamped Today!

Hope you didn't faint when you read my post title. LOL And I did use the Cricut a little bit.

I totally cased Dawn McVey's beautiful card seen here. I love the crisp, clean lines of her card. And I totally didn't do it justice, if I'm being completely honest. In fact, I don't like my stamping at all. Specifically, I don't like the ink coverage. I don't have a good deep brown color in my stash of inks. The inks I have are all CTMH and I don't know if after a while they just don't cover well anymore or what. They are juicy stamp pads, but when I inked up my clean stamps, the ink is all gloopy and splotchy on the stamp. Completely frustrating, if you ask me. Now I'm wondering if I need to look into some new ink pads. Sigh...

I used Honey and Cocoa ink (and the Cocoa only because the Chocolate brown looked worse than the Cocoa).

I cut the mats with my Lacy Labels cartridge. Everything else is pretty obvious, I think. The stamping on the white piece is actually a couple of different stamps in the PTI Sweet Love set.

In other news, we've survived the deep freeze and the girls are heading back to school tomorrow. The break was actually a good thing for Jessica, who ended up waking up with a fever on Thursday. I worried she might have strep, but I don't think so. Some ibuprofen took care of the fever and I made her rest all day. She complained about being bored, so I knew she wasn't all that bad. We watched tv together and played some board games. By evening she was feeling pretty chipper. Whew.

Amy survived a hugely busy day yesterday. She had to go to basketball early for picture day, then had the game (they lost by ONE point, darn). She was home for a little less than half an hour before I had to take her to the venue for the Me and My Guy Dance her Girl Scout troop was hosting last night(I believe they were expecting over 300 attendees). She had to help set up. I stayed to help and we were there for three hours. We headed home for some quiet time, then she, Jessica and Steve headed out to help finish up the set up and attend the 3 hour dance. They also had to stay after it was over for a little bit to help clean up. She handled it like a real trooper, but probably fell asleep before I turned out the lights after tucking them in. And my usually early bird waker slept in this morning. By all accounts it was a fun evening for them. The troop has been working on this dance pretty much since they started the year back in September. I'm sure they are all relieved it's behind them. I don't have any pictures of them before they left because they were running a tad late and they needed to get out the door. There was a photographer at the dance who took pictures. Hopefully it will come out nice. Otherwise, their memories of their time together will have to suffice. {wink}.

That's the latest from my neck of the woods. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great start to your week. Now I'm off to watch the Super Bowl. I honestly don't care who wins. I just hope it's a good game, not a lopsided or boring one. Hopefully the commercials are good, too. *Ü*


Laurel said...

It is such a pretty card!

Wendy Tunison said...

Oh Jeanne! I think it looks awesome! I have to agree with you on the CTMH pads though. I started buying the SU pads and their Chocolate Chip is my most favorite brown ever. Unfortunately, they seem to hold us just like the CTMH pads do. The colors, however, are so much richer and the coverage is much better.

I'm glad to hear that Jessica is feeling better and that Amy had a great day. GS is such an awesome thing. I wish we had a better group of leaders here. My girls lost interest in no time and after trying to be a leader with them for a year, I was just as frustrated with their lack of organization in this area.

Again, the card looks awesome. I seriously thought it was the original when I first saw it!

Kathi C. said...

I love your card, Jeanne. That's a really cute little heart. You've got me curious about Lacy Labels, too. I might have to check that one out. A nice/less expensive alternative/substitute for a bunch of Nestabilities labels maybe?

I'm glad Jessica didn't stay down long and Amy survived her "busyness." It sounds like the start of several years of being busy - good for kids but wears a mom out!

As for the football game, I didn't care either ... but then I wouldn't have paid much more attention had the Vikings been playing. Not my game. LOL.

Have a great week, sweet friend!

Kathi C. said...

P.S. Complaining about CTMH ink pads has gotten me into trouble before. I've had issues, however, since Day 1. Several colors are "gloppy" as you described. Then, there is the "match" versus "coordinate" issue. While I am not going to make comparisons for fear of being stoned, I will say that I think you would like SU ink pads. LOL.

Kim Burmeister said...

Wow, Jeanne! So glad you stamped. This is so pretty!

Back to school...I am ready for summer vacation. I think I like it as much as the boys do. Hee hee!

We are cold again this week after we had rain on Saturday. Winter weather is always a surprise.

Have a great day!

Alanna said...

What a gorgeous card Jeanne. Sorry to hear that you're not happy with your inks. Nothing worse than when something doesn't stamp like you would like it too. Nonetheless, your card is beautiful.

Sounds like you all have had a busy few days. Have a great Monday.

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely card!

Jackie said...

glad that you are out of the cold...yuck ;)

Carolyn said...

Your card is very pretty! I've had Lacy Lables for a while now just haven't really played with it. I like it though.
I've got all the CTMH inks and the reinkers. Maybe your ink pad just needs a drink. :) So glada your baby is feeling better!
We are in the deep freeze the next few days. Brrrr

Carolyn said...

OH, and Loved the SB game! Commercials were a hoot. Esp the dog ones. :)

Barb said...

Well, even though your inks gave you the blues, I think you turned out a beautiful card. I agree with Kathi, SU inks are VERY nice.;-)

I'm glad your little one didn't get the BIG sick. And hopefully you're thru the roughest part of winter.

I have to say, I love what you do with the Cricut. I don't own one, but you sure make me wish I did!

Jena said...

Fun card - love the dimension on the heart. I wonder if any of your stamp pads are from the bad batch of pads from a few years back? I know I got a lot replaced from the bad lots. The rest I've had for 5+ years and they are still really good even without re-inking.

Anke said...

what a gorgeous card, you are really inspiring me with your fabulous designs! You should put all your card designs into one folder for viewing LOL. You've got the talent, girl!!!