Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Bright enough for you? LOL I finally got the cast on this morning. But, it's not a walking cast. I chose pink for the girls, not realizing just how bright pink it would be. The doctor says I'm to stay off it for 4 weeks, then go back to see him. Sigh. If I had to break my ankle, why couldn't it have been the LEFT one?? Sheesh.

I'm getting a little better on the crutches, but I've almost taken a few headers. The girls have been pretty good, but the "newness" of this is wearing off and I have to watch how often I ask for their help. Starting to hear the deep sighs. LOL

Now that the cast is on, I am hoping to be on the computer a bit more. My computer is literally in the corner and there's not a good spot to park my leg. Right now I've got the keyboard in my lap with my legs propped up on another chair and my head turned so that my chin is almost touching my right shoulder to look at my monitor. I may have to ask Steve (the engineer) if he can finagle something that won't cause my neck to hurt as well. LOL

I've not read my blogs in days and feel so out of the loop!

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and emails. It means a great deal as I adjust to life in a cast for the next several weeks. I hobbled out to my room last night to look for something for Steve and all the different surfaces made it difficult to navigate (as well as the one pretty high step that almost did me in), so I don't think I will be doing much stamping this next month. {for those new to my craft room is in our detached (sp) garage} . But who knows, maybe I'll make huge strides with digi scrapping. Ü

Til next time!
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Anke said...

How about that, I am first! That is pink alright!!! It has to be tough not to be able to move around, that would drive me crazy. If the engineer manages to give you some room, you could get a lot of scrapping done! Get better soon!

Felicia Fernandez said...

You're such a super trooper! And I bet the showers must be fun too! Sending you sunshine and rainbows!!!

Erica said...

oh, my gosh....what a cruddy thing to end your summer with...a cast?!?! at least it's pink! Do you need me to stamp my name on it :)))

Clearly Inspired said...

Love your cast! The color is awesome! Can you stamp on it? That would be cool.

Glad you can get around some now. Hope you can get some scrapping done, because I love to see what you create!

Martha said...

Get Well wishes coming to you from the south east side of Denver!

OUCH...are you having much pain?

I hope things heal quickly...

Jena said...

Wow, that is bright ;-P Hope you heal quickly!

Jean said...

Oh my gosh Jeanne! I hope it heals quick. Were you going to the CTMH convention? eep! Take care!

Rachel said...

Ah, poor girl! I hope your not in too much pain...feel better. By the way, LOVE the pink! Very cool. LOL!

stampmonkey said...

My goodness, Jeanne, that IS bright! But it's perfect for summer, I'd say! ;)

What a bummer to have to be off your ankle for such a long period of time, but if it means you'll heal up nicely, then it's completely worth it. And just think of all the reading and movie watching (or digi scrapping!) you could do! The sad part of that is that it's just about the only way I know of for us moms get have a rest. lol (This sort of "break" -- no pun intended -- is also a great way for your family to see exactly what you do for them all the time. Now when they need you for something or they see the house isn't perfectly clean, laundry needs to be done, errands need to be run, or meals need to be prepared...they'll realize just how much you do for them on a daily basis. Maybe the thought of their renewed appreciation for you will bring a silver lining to this cloud.

Try to relax and enjoy your unexpected 'vacation' on the couch. ;) You'll be in my prayers for a quick recovery. And I'm so glad that it didn't happen to you before your dad's visit.

Maricar said...

You should ask your dr to prescibe a "roll a bout" for you. It's used in place of crutches and is way more productive to easy movement. [I may be having foot surgery in the fall, after finding out that my fractures - since March - are still not healed. Everyone has told me that I need a roll about during my recovery if I get a cast or if I have surgery.]

I was reading how it happened. How far were you from home when it broke? Your story just made me cringe with sympathy pains.

Enjoy your time off your foot. (Don't you love it when dr's tell moms to "stay off your feet" ... um, yeah.)

Barb W said...

Bright it is! But what a fun, happy color. I hope your family is spoiling you and taking good care of you. Don't be away too long, but get some rest and take care. Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. Be Blessed!~Barb

lisascreativecorner said...

Hey Jeanne,
I have been so out of touch lately. I am so sorry to hear about your ankle. If it makes you feel any better, I did sort of the same thing a few years ago. I just fell off the curb and fractured my foot. I wasn't doing anything but walking and I just fell. I felt so foolish. The dr says it happens all the time. (Maybe he just told me that to make me feel better. I don't know.) Anyway, I hope you feel better soon!! BTW, love the pink!! *Ü*

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

LOVE the Hot Pink!!! I sure wish I had a choice in color when I shattered my ankle back in 1990! It sucks that you have to have it on for the summer, though! Hopefully it heals up good asap!