Saturday, July 26, 2008

Get Well Cards!

I've got some really great friends, I can tell you that! Look at what's been in my mail box the past couple of days! I am so touched and grateful. Thank you so much for thinking of me! *Ü*
The first card was created by Kathi and I swooned over it when I saw it posted on her blog. In fact, I had just commented on the card the morning I received the card! Click here for details on how she created it. I can personally attest that is looks gorgeous in person. It is indeed hard to capture the pearly sheen of the watercolors. Thank you so very much, Kathi!
Today I received this beauty from Kim. I love it, love it, love it! You can kind of see the bling in the centers of the flowers. Click here to see the details on how she created it. Thank you so much, Kim!
I have to say thanks, too, for all the comments you have posted for me. I'm thankfully not in a lot of pain (surprisingly enough to me). However, I can definitely feel it if I move wrong. I can also now tell, with the cast on, how quickly my leg swells up, meaning, I need to get back to the couch.
Our house is one story and most rooms, including the kitchen, living room and bedroom, have hardwood floors. There are essentially no steps, even the porch is a ramp, because a previous owner was in a wheelchair. This has made is fairly easy for me to get around. I also have a rolling office chair that I've been using to do some household tasks-like the dishes in the morning-because I don't like flies! LOL However, I have to be careful in the chair. One time I leaned over too far and the chair moved out from under me! I am trying to stay put most of the time because I do want this to heal correctly and quickly! I'm hoping as I get further into the healing process I can be a tad more mobile, but we'll see.
My hubby moved the computer monitor for me, so I can sit here and not strain my neck. That's great! However, I am finding I must be a shifter in my seat because my tush starts to feel funny after a bit. Meaning, I'm not able to sit here for long periods of time because I'm not used to just sitting in one spot without moving around much. Oh the things you learn!
I'm working my way through reading hundreds (literally) of blog postings since I was essentially offline for a week. I'm feeling a bit less out of the loop, but some of the artwork I've seen makes me wish I had my stamping stuff in the house and not out in the garage, that is for sure. Oh well, I'll survive and print off all the projects I want to copy once I get mobile again.
Thanks again for all the well wishes! If wishes could speed the recovery, I think I'd be hopping up and down on my right ankle about now. Ü
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Felicia Fernandez said...

This is why I wish we were home. I could have been at your house days ago lugging in your craft things for you so you could still do some things. I'm glad that you're getting around a bit more, but take it easy. And....we're back to school in 4 days!!!!!

Carol said...

Glad to hear you are not in to much pain, and hoping you recover fast. They are beautiful cards your friends have made for you.

Kathi C. said...

I'm glad you like the card and that it didn't take a month to get there! I love Kim's card and will have to check out the technique. It looks interesting. I'm glad that Steve adjusted your monitor so that you can have a little more computer time. That way, you'll be thoroughly inspired and full of ideas by the time you get back to your craft room. Hugs!

Barb W said...

These are beautiful cards, Jeanne. I am glad to know that at least you can get to your computer. You are right to stay put, as the healing process takes place. Enjoy your 'time out', you'll be back in the game in no time!~Barb.

Clearly Inspired said...

Jeanne, I am glad you like your card. Boy, Kathi's is awesome! I am glad you are able to get around better now with your cute pink cast. I wish I could sign it.

Inky hugs!

Anke said...

It must be a relieve to be able to get around a little bit! You are right to want to be careful and let it heal fast! Hope you'll get better soon