Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Veddy, Veddy Interestink

Kathi recently posted a picture and commentary about checking her blog traffic. Like her, I don't think too much about any traffic to my blog. I spit out stuff and figure if someone likes yea, if not...oh well. That's about the extent of it. Well, I was quite intrigued by her map and decided it might be fun to see who comes to read my blog. So, I went to the website Kathi noted (http://www.statcounter.com/) and tried to set up an account. It said my username was already in use. Bummer! Oh wait...wonder if I set up an account at some point? Sure 'nuff, I was able to log in. (This is when my dorkiness shines in all its glory...I can't even remember that I've signed up for this!) So, I went on the hunt for the map like Kathi's. And here it is!
What's kinda cool about this, other than the fact that people from all over have at least looked at the blog is that just prior to reading Kathi's post, I was telling my dad about blogging. You know why do it and how is it different from My Space and all that. I showed him this page and he thought it was neat. So he may not quite "get" this whole blogging thing, but he thought it was cool to see all the red spots on the map at least! LOL

Thanks for sharing, Kathi! It's fun isn't it?
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Mel M. M. M. said...

Isn't that too kewl? You'd be amazed all the places your posts reach. Mel in Vancouver BC ;0)

Clearly Inspired said...

I have something like this on my blog and love it. I like to see where my bloggin' buddies live.

stampmonkey said...

Purty kewl, der Jeanne! ;) It's amazing...and kinda freaky when you think about it...how all this stuff works and how technology can track all these details; isn't it?!