Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crocheted Headband

Happy Saturday!

I hope you are ready to enjoy a nice weekend. Our weather is supposed to take a turn for the better after a week filled with clouds, rain and very cool temperatures. It's sunny out now and should be warm. Yay!

We have a birthday party to go to later this morning and I wanted to make the birthday girl a little something. I knew it had to be fairly quick and easy since I have been pretty distracted all week. Here's what I decided to create. I hope she likes it.

I actually want to make headbands for the girls since they aren't wearing ponytails these days. I thought a bunch of different styles of headbands would be a fun fashion accessory for them.

I used some Red Heart yarn I had in my stash and the pattern was a freebie one found here. It's just a single crochet stitch, so it really is quick and easy.

Speaking of handwork, I ended up pulling out Amy's socks and starting over. Sigh. I was trying to use a pattern that called for double pointed needles and adjusting it for the long circular needle and I got hopelessly messed up when I needed to pick up stitches. So, I decided I need more practice using patterns designed just for the long circular needle before I can figure out those type of adjustments. I chose a pattern that is actually an adult size, but I am adjusting the size for Amy's foot. It's actually an adult small size and the only thing I need to adjust really is the length of the foot, which is "easy peasy, lemon squeezy" as Amy is apt to say these days. *Ü* I've made it through the part that messed me up on the other pair, so I should finish relatively soon, I hope.

I know I haven't created any cards lately and for that I'm sorry. I am having some sort of block about going out into the garage to create these days. Not quite sure what it is that is preventing me from wanting to go out there, since I'm grateful to even have a great space, but there you have it. Of course, I'm also knee-deep in working on stuff inside the house, which could be all that it is. I am really motivated to get the tasks done inside the house and maybe I just don't want to be distracted from it (yesterday I cleaned the stove, dishwasher, cabinet fronts and the floor in the kitchen-I also made a master list of all the jobs needed to be done in each area of the house). I will get out there again, I promise!

I've subscribed to some neat blogs (at least I am finding them enjoyable) about being thrifty, frugal and taking care of the home. If you are interested in seeing links, let me know.

This week has been a tough one for me, as you know. I had to go pick up Sarah's remains yesterday from the vet. I had her cremated, so we could put the "urn" next to Critter's. Maybe that sounds strange to some, but it helps us. I also had them make a paw print in clay with her name imprinted in it (they did this for Critter as well). I was really, really touched at what they included with these items (thoughtfully wrapped in a gift bag). The "urn" is really pretty (I didn't take a picture because it might bother some people to see it, I think). It's a metal container, but the lid has a cat etched on it sitting in the grass with flowers. There was also a poem tucked in the bag called The Rainbow Bridge. I'd never read that poem before and it really comforted me. It talks about how your friend is restored to health and vigor at a place called the Rainbow Bridge. They play and have fun with the exception of missing their person. Then they see "you" when your time comes and you joyfully meet again and walk over the Rainbow Bridge together. I'm going to frame and hang the poem.
I was really touched that they handled everything so respectfully. It brought a comforting closure to the whole ordeal.

Thanks so much for your patience as I work through these things. Your comments and encouragement mean so much.



Kathi Carlson said...

Great headband on that cute little model. Headbands I might be able to handle. Socks that require starting over would not be my cup of tea. LOL.

Your perseverance in all you do is to be commended. Yea, I'll love it when you get past your creative/ craft area block, but respect that you're doing things that are important to you now.

It's wonderful that your vet is so thoughtful. The urn sounds perfect, and how nice to have a comforting poem to frame. As Dusty was putting together pictures for a slide show for the wedding reception, it was so important to him that he included pictures of Sam - a member of the family and one we will always miss.

I hope your weekend is a good one. Take care, friend!

Sharli said...


The headband is awesome! It looks darling on your model, too.

Don't worry about the stamping - I'm patient and I love reading about your adventures, too.

I'm glad your vet was so compassionate about Sarah's remains. That is so thoughtful.

Alanna said...

Jeanne, the headband is darling. The birthday girl is sure to love it. I'm sorry that the socks didn't go as well. I'm sure you'll have them done in no time, though.

I can't believe all the things you've gotten done around your house as of late. Highly commendable.

As for Sarah, how nice that your vet was so thoughtful. I hope that your family's grieving process is going well.

And while I do miss your cards and scrapbook pages, I, like Sharli, love to read about your adventures. I'm sure you'll get out to the garage when the time is right for you.

And YEAH for nicer weather. We've had our heater running in the house almost this whole last week but decided we could turn it off yesterday.

I hope your weekend is fabulous.

Sparkle said...

Such a darling headband! I use to love making my own scrunchies with fabric and elastic when I was little.

I hope you have a great weekend. So jealous...won't have sun again til July, lol.

Carolyn Christie said...

sWhat a great headband. Nice gift. Do u make winter ones too? They look so warm.
Have a nice weekend.

Jena said...

What a fun headband - I really need to get the yarn out again and play with that again, but I'm so darn addicted to paper ;-)

And what a great memorial for Sarah. We buried my horse and my dad ordered a headstone, which people usually don't do for horses, but he's special.

I still enjoy your blog, even without the paper creations, so keep on sharing! Take care and have a great week!

Kim Burmeister said...

Love the headband, Jeanne! Your girls are sooo cute! Another awesome project!

Heather said...

You wanna teach a hopelessly "all-thumbs" gal how to crochet? :)