Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Monday to you. Hope you've had a great day. I took the girls to the outdoor pool for a few hours as today was the last day they'll be open for the season. Thankfully, the weather cooperated! The girls had a blast and I got to work some more on Jessica's socks (I'm on the toes now...won't be long).

This picture of Buster was taken on the day hike that Steve and the girls went on on Saturday. I guess Buster was so hot after the trek, he walked straight into the water and plopped down for a while. I can just imagine him thinking...What?! It feels goooooood! It makes me smile to look at it.
As does this photo of the girls looking through one of my photo albums. They've re-discovered them and Amy takes great pride in reading my journaling. They really enjoy looking through what I've done and have also said I really need to do more pages! (Oops, guess I'd better get some of the layouts that are living on my computer printed out)
Other than the card I showed you, I've not been in my craft room this weekend. I have been pretty domestic, though. I changed sheets yesterday, did the grocery shopping and even washed both cars! I was pooped when it was all said and done, that's for sure, but it felt good to get the stuff accomplished.

I walked on Friday (can't remember if I mentioned that) and decided to go ahead and walk this morning, since Steve was home. I went 2.73 miles in just over an hour and took 9642 steps! Wow! I am pleased at that. My shins were a little sore when I started, but by the end of the walk, they were just fine, thank goodness.

Not too much else to report right now. Thanks ever so much for stopping by. Hope you have a great start to your week!



Sarah said...

Great pic of your puppy in the water LOL made me smile!
Your girls are so better print out more of your LO's for them to look at!
Keep up the walking!

mE said...


I love that photo of your Otter-Pup.... he's so stinking cute! :) I BET that cool water felt nice. LOL! I keep looking at the pic and even Brent laughed when he popped by and saw the pic up on my screen.

Coolios about the old photo albums! You should print out your layouts... and I guess so I'm not a hypocrite, I should, too.

Hugs to you!


Carolyn Christie said...

What a cute pic of your doggy in the water! Just coolin off, Cute girls!
Congrats on a great walk!
When you have your digi layouts printed do they use acid free cs/paper? Just wondering.

Angela2932 said...

9000 plus steps!!!!!! I'm truly impressed, particularly because didn't you break your ankle last year? I really struggle at around 7000 to 8000 steps, but am very happy when I do it anyway. You had incredible energy yesterday. Sweet photo of the swimming puppy, and I love how your little girls are poring over the photo albums.

AaronB said...

Buster looks relaxed!

Kathi Carlson said...

Aw, Buster. Not only is he handsome, he's smart! Cute photo. Love the one of the girls pouring over the scrapbook, too. When we got home last night, I had to show Bjorn photos taken the day he was born after he asked on our little excursion where we "found him" when he was a baby. One question led to another, and I think his daddy was secretly glad/relieved that it was grandma who was doing most of the explaining.