Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Art...but another Brain Dump post...

Hello there!

Yep, I'm still alive, but not being too creative in the cards/layout area. I am making Amy's socks, but there was a set back on that, too. I broke my knitting needle. Can you believe it? I wasn't too thrilled. I had said that I was trying a new pattern since I was kinda tired of just doing the knit stitch. I chose a pattern that didn't seem too difficult and in reality, it isn't, but I'm a tight knitter and doing the main part of the new stitch was tough because of the tension. And I was using a wooden needle. Sure enough, as I pulled the needle through to make the stitch, I felt the top part of the needle break. Ugh. I got on the computer and went to KnitPicks and ordered some needles that are not wooden (using birthday money I got from my dad). They are on their way. I'm trying another different pattern, but it doesn't require me trying to do a k3tog stitch (for the knitters out there) regularly. It's knitting and purling...simple and straightforward. LOL

I'm having a sort of a mental block about actually going out to the craft room right now. I'd much rather just stay in the house. Need to work on that.

Making progress with the household stuff. Yesterday I ended up cleaning up my laundry closet. I don't have a room, but a closet in our hallway, with bi-fold doors. Steve made shelves not long after we moved in and over time, a bunch of junk/stuff has accumulated on those shelves and it was one of those things that bugged me whenever I did laundry. So, I decided to take care of it. Steve and the girls were gone doing something (turns out they went to the Museum...I had been out looking for storage options for said shelves in laundry closet when they left) and it was quiet in the house. Let's just say, some stuff got put back into the garage, a bunch went to Goodwill and a huge trash bag is in the garbage can. I have a donations tub now, where I can put clothes that are no longer loved or outgrown and I can put my laundry stuff back on a shelf rather than on the dryer. I also vacuumed off and dusted the bi-fold doors. It looks much better now and I don't feel like stuff will fall on me when I open the doors. LOL

In keeping with the whole cleaning up theme...I discovered where Mr. Mouse has been hanging out recently (since I hadn't seen any evidence of him in the living room). Yep, the mouse is STILL in the house. Ugh. Anyway, I was cleaning up the great room (converted a long time ago two car garage). We had some stuff in there that really needed to head up to the attic, so I started gathering them up. One of the items is a rather large stuffed mouse. Oma, who cut the girls' hair, used to work for Safeway and she would bring home promotional stuff. We've inherited some of those items. This mouse is bigger than Jessica, big. The girls played with it for a while and then it ended up getting hidden behind the couch. I decided it should get moved up to the attic. As I pulled it up, I saw the mouse jump out of it and run away. GREAT(lots of sarcasm in that great)! He (or more likely she) had managed to create a hole in the arm and was working on pulling the stuffing out to build a nest. That big mouse is now outside and the real mouse is still somewhere inside. Sigh...

And finally, I walked each day last week! On Thursday I walked for a little over 3 miles, or 11110 steps! Friday, it was 2.79 miles or 9830 steps. Hopefully I can keep it up and maybe do a little more. All told it was over 10 miles in 5 days. Yay, me! Although it did have a smidgen of a scare on Friday as I was on my way back home. I managed to step on a rock and started to fall in exactly the same way I fell last summer...on the same ankle even! I caught myself though and other than a slight twinge a time or two...all is fine. Whew! I've been SO careful to avoid pebbles and stuff, I'm surprised I didn't see the stone. Maybe I was too focused on getting to the house or on the song that was playing on my mp3 player...

I hope to do something creative today, even if it is just knitting. I'm also slightly hooked on those Sudoku puzzles...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a Super Sunday!


Kathi Carlson said...

So glad you're doing OK. I think about you every single day and wonder what you're doing. Wow! You're puttin' on the miles, girl! Good for you. GLAD you didn't fall. A cast should be a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

As for your cleaning and organizing, you're doing what I have to do ... after the wedding. The clutter around here has got to go.

Hope you enjoy the day, friend! I'll be chipping away at my bottomless "to do" list.

Alanna said...

Doesn't it feel great to be productive around the house? I'm glad you were able to get your closet cleaned. About the mouse, YIKES. Why do they have to enter our houses? Why oh why? I hope that you are able to catch him soon. How exciting that you are getting so many steps in. That's amazing. I'm glad you didn't really hurt yourself.

I hope you have a great Sunday.

Sparkle said...

Yeah for organizing. Sorry the mousey is still there. Have you put up traps?

Sharli said...

Hi Jeanne!
I'm glad you didn't fall - sprained ankles are the pitts! I'm impressed with the cleaning, and your story of the mouse reminds me of one more of the benefits of having kitties! My current house hasn't had mice (that I know of!!!) but where I lived in Phoenix before this one, I did have mice and small snakes and loads of lizards. Our cat was quite the huntress - she almost always presented us with the prize, too, which is the down-side of the story! LOL

Good luck with getting rid of Mr. Mouse.

Sarah said...

Sudoku is so addictive. So sorry you knitting needle broke :-(
You HAVE to get that mouse..
My Mom will be here tomorrow , I can't wait to show her all the goodies on your blog.
Thanks so much for all the wonderful things you say on my blog Jeanne! You always make me feel sooo good.

Carolyn Christie said...

So glad you a are ok and didn't hurt yourself! Way to go on all those miles for the week. I'm going out T Morning.
A mouse in the mouse. Yikes is right. You don't need a house full of baby mice.
I heard they like peanutbutter, have you set any traps yet?
Have a great day!

Jena said...

Wow, go Jeanne! I need to be a little more productive around my house - wanna come inspire ;-P I hope you find/get rid of that mouse and good luck with all other tasks and goals!

stampmonkey said...

Wow, Jeanne, you sure don't know how to sit still! That can be a good thing though because you sure get a LOT done! ;)

Bummer on breaking a needle, but glad you're enjoying the process and will soon be back at it.

Glad you're okay and that you didn't break any bones or get really hurt. Reminds me of a 'scare' that I had while camping a week ago, only I'm guessing you didn't have an audience of 7! lol

I can feel your sense of accomplishment after cleaning up your laundry closet --no small task. Good for you! I do hope you can catch that slippery mouse...before she has babies.

And 'YAY for you!' is right, with all the walking you've been doing!! Hope the weather will cooperate for a while longer so you can enjoy being outdoors while you exercise. Just don't hurt yourself!

Take good care and thanks for your post. ;)

AaronB said...

A mouse jumping out of a mouse-creepy!