Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Thankful Heart and a Card!

Now that I've got the mouse rant done, I can move onto a much more pleasant subject...sharing goodness! Although I have to say, I sort of regret cleaning the windows and screens...since this all started AFTER I cleaned them. Sheesh, I guess I should have left well enough alone.

I got a complete day brightener in the midst of my living room clean up the other day. Kathi sent me the loveliest of presents, a basket full of goodies! I feel so special! If you follow her blog, you've most likely seen this butterfly card she posted. Well that gorgeous card is MINE...all mine! Aren't you jealous? LOL I was doing the whole giddy girly dance as I checked out all the goodness she had stashed in the basket.
And I cannot take a picture to do this piece justice at all. It's a prism with butterflies and flowers on the inside. I have NO clue how something like this gets created, but it's just gorgeous.
The girls absolutely LOVE looking at this from all angles (as do I) because the colors change depending on how you look at it. I tried to capture it here, but not sure I succeeded. I had to clean off the little girl fingerprints before I could take a picture. LOL
Part of Kathi's lovely gift was a little packet of stamped images. Oh how I love the images she shared. So much I just HAD to head out to my craft room and color one up. I also used some of the designer paper (which I think is DCWV's new Indian Summer stack) she included. I don't remember this little girl's name, but isn't she adorable?? Even though she doesn't wear glasses, this one totally makes me think of Amy.
I used my pencils and oms to color in the image, Oval and Scallop oval Nestabilities as well as a Martha Stewart border punch. The Orange Organdy ribbon is from CTMH.

Thank you SO much for all the goodies, Kathi! You sure made me feel extra special and helped extend my birthday.

I've got to take pictures of the cards I've received, I'm so blessed with wonderful friends.

Steve and the girls went on a day hike today with Dave. Buster went too and is sure to mess up his newly aquired 'do. Oh well, Steve'll have to give him a bath. I have SO many projects I want to work on, I was almost frozen with not knowing what to do first. But the card won out. We'll see what else gets done.

And finally...I got a pedometer with some birthday money one of my brothers sent me. I got one that not only measures the number of steps you take, but the distance traveled and the calories burned. I walked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but didn't get the pedometer until Thursday morning, so I only know for sure that I walked 2.18 miles on Thursday (7700+ steps) and 2.14 miles on Friday (too bad I had to pee...I might have walked longer). I walked pretty much the same distance on Wednesday. I discovered a radio station I listen to now has a 2 hour commercial free block of music, so I am trying to time my walks during that time. That is, until I figure out how to record some of my CDs onto the mp3 player I'm using. I think that's not too bad for starters. I am usually walk for about an hour. Feels good no matter what!

That's it from me for now. Hope you have an awesome long weekend (if you are in the US-It's Labor Day on Monday for those not in the US). I may be back at some point!



Alanna said...

What a fun basket of goodies. The card you made is darling. I'm sure you've made Kathi proud. Enjoy and have a great long weekend.

Kathi Carlson said...

Alanna is right. You did me proud with that card. "Megan" is colored to perfection and looks great with those papers.I'm glad you and the girls like the butterfly prism. When I saw it, I immediately thought of you. Anyway, you are so very welcome!!

Sarah said...

Awww Jeanne!!! What a wonderful gift. I just LOVED that card of Kathi's you are so lucky to get it!!!
Your card is too did a great job with that image.
Keep walking Jeanne..!!
That butterfly prism is gorgeous...I think they cut it with lasers...saw it on TV once.

Kim Burmeister said...

You are one lucky, gal! Great basket full of goodies! I see there is some fun items to play with in there.

mE said...

That's awesome Jeanne! What a bunch of coool stuff in that basket! :)

Yah, they cut the prism with lasers. A friend of mine has told me about it (she does laser engraving, but not that kidn of carving).

mE said...

Good job on the walking! As soon as I can shake this junk in my chest I will head back to Curves! :)

Carol said...

You have a great friend to send you such a treasure of gifts.
Congratulations on your walking, you have done a great job this week.
Hope you have a fantastic labour day. (it's fathers day over here)