Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How To Lose 20 Lbs Without Trying...

Hello there!

First off, I would like you thank you for the warm and happy birthday wishes. They mean a great deal to me. The girls has assessments that day, so I took them to school for an hour and a half and then I took them to Chuck E. Cheese and let them play for a couple of hours. Once home again, I fielded kids (as in neighbors' and my own) and birthday phone calls the rest of the afternoon. Steve took us out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Yum

Now about my post title...sadly this isn't a fix for humans, but for dogs, particularly our dog, Buster. He is a Lhaso Apso/Cocker Spaniel mix (we think-got him from the animal shelter) and his hair grows out, not down (much like my own hair...I feel for you buddy). Every 3 or 4 months we take him to get groomed. Every time I think I should take a picture of him before and after. I think this usually just after I drop him off at the groomer. LOL Today, my brain was working well for some reason (maybe it was the hour long brisk walk I took that got the brain cells moving) and I remembered to do a before shot and an after shot so you can see the dramatic difference it makes to have Buster groomed.

Here he is doing his best to look like a Brillo pad.
Don't you just love the Veronica Lake, hair over one eye look? Oh her it might look sexy, on him...not so much.

And here's what he looks like when all that hair is gone!
20 pounds gone and he didn't have to break a sweat! Lucky dog!
You can tell he feels lighter too...look at that million dollar smile!

That face is what got me when I saw him at the shelter...who could resist??

Thanks for stopping by and again thanks for the well wishes. You all are the best and sure know how to make this 44 year old gal feel special.


Kathi Carlson said...

She has surfaced! So glad to see it! Your absence from the World Wide Web leaves some of us feeling a bit lonely. Buster is looking good! And so are you at 44! You're just a youngin' ... Take care, friend!

Sarah said...

JEanne!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday...I will be 44 in October!!!!
LOVE your little cute is he.

Alanna said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday. Buster looks adorable. I wished I could lose 20 pounds that easy.

Sparkle said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. Your doggie is too cute.

-Julie said...

Buster is SUPER cute. I liked his over-one-eye look he had!

Carolyn Christie said...

Glad you had a nice BD! Your dog is really cute! Don't ya just love it when they get groomed and polished. :) If we got another dog I would love one like that. A fur ball.
Happy Friday to you!!