Thursday, September 17, 2009

On This Day...digi layout

Hi there!

I had some time (or rather I TOOK the time) this afternoon to work on a digital layout. This was after my daily walk (another 2+ miles, but I forgot my pedometer and don't have the number of steps) and scrubbing down the bathroom floor (rather than giving it the usual lick and a promise). Boy, it sure looks like new right now. Wonder how long it will last? On Tuesday I washed down the ceiling and all the walls, including the exhaust fan/light. While we don't live in a pit, I promise, I've not really done a good and thorough cleaning in a very long time. My hope is once I get these big jobs done, I'll in effect, have a sort of clean slate and it will require more maintainance rather than being the big jobs I'm doing right now.

Anyway, since this big clean up in the bathroom is done, I treated myself to some time to create. Here's the result...
Granted, it's a rather simple layout, using a Janet Phillips template, but I still like it. I decided to look through some older photos and as you can see I took these almost 2 years ago! This was back when I was still washing dishes by hand most nights. But now I actually use the dishwasher in our kitchen. The girls take turns setting and clearing the table these days. So, them washing the dishes definitely did not become anything routine. It felt good to be a little creative.

I'm still working on Amy's socks. It's going slower than I'd like and last night I realized I made the silliest of mistakes and had to take 4 rounds out before I could move forward. At least that's done and now the heel flaps should get done more quickly. I got the needles I ordered and transferred the stitches to my new needles and can now rest easy knowing I won't break another one.

This week has been busy in addition to the household stuff. I had an informational meeting for Amy's Brownie troop on Tuesday night. Tonight we are headed to Jessica's First Grade Family Night and tomorrow night I'll be at an informational meeting for Jessica's Daisy troop. We've got swim lessons going again two days a week and this weekend Amy has a service project for Brownies and we have a birthday party to attend. It's been fairly quiet this past month activity wise, but I guess the lull is over now. LOL

That's the quick update from me for now. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such encouraging comments. I hope your week has been going well. One more day til the weekend! *Ü*

Btw, yes I DO have traps set out for that mouse, but he's not taking the bait just yet...sigh


Sparkle said...

Such cute pictures of the girls! Use peanut butter on the traps. :) My dad use to do that and they always came.

Alanna said...

I love your layout Jeanne. And it sounds like you have been uber busy. I'm so impressed with all the deep cleaning you've been doing. I definitely think it's easier to maintain than to let something go for a long time and then try to do it.

I hope your Friday is a blessed one. Enjoy.