Saturday, November 14, 2009

Adventures in Cleaning...

Hello there!

Would you believe I was searching on the internet for images of a refrigerator that I could use for this post? Then I thought, duh, take a picture of your own fridge, silly. So I did. And I chose this one because it's so typical. Amy picked up those ladybug printed pajama bottoms at a garage sale. Never mind they don't fit in any sense of the word, but she loves them. My girls sure enjoy combining their jammies with whatever suits their fancy, so they come up with interesting combinations (much like when they dress for leaving the house).

I've been fairly quiet the past few days, haven't I? You know it's not because I'm sitting around watching Oprah and eating bon-bons, right? (much as some people in this house, who shall remain nameless, like to joke). I don't watch Oprah anymore, or Doctor Phil or tv at all during the day. I got me some satellite radio on my DirecTV and I've found an awesome country music station that I listen (and dance) to all day. Technically, I guess the tv is on, but I'm not watching it.

Yesterday I cleaned the refrigerator.
Shocking, huh?
I have a little tidbit of advice that you might want to remember. When you are making Jello Jigglers for a birthday party (in October), it is NOT a good idea to try to stretch the concoction by pouring it onto a cookie baking tray (at least it isn't a good idea for me). Why? Because, until that stuff sets, it's very liquid and very, very easy to spill. And spill I did, all over the fridge. Did I clean it up at the time it happened...nooooooo....I was in the middle of party prep.

Second little tidbit, Jello Jiggler concoction is a pain in the patootie to clean up after it sets for several weeks. Just sayin' you might not want to let it do that should you ever spill the stuff in your fridge. And you might want to listen to your daughter who tells you just about every time she opens the fridge, that there is STILL Jello in the fridge.


But not anymore.

I cleaned up the Jello. And would you believe said daughter didn't even notice?


I gotta say though, I went in armed with a bucket of hot soapy water and cleaning rags, but it was my Pampered Chef scraper that saved the day. I love that thing (well three of the things) best couple of dollars I ever spent. I use them all the time. I guess an old credit card might do the same thing, but these scrapers save the day more often than not for me.

And in honor of cleaning the inside of the fridge, I also decided to clean behind and below it as well. Which led to me accidentally hitting the ice machine pipe and causing an itsy bitsy teeny tiny leak. It also led to a trip to the home improvement store to try to find something to help me clean the coils under the fridge, since my vacuum attachment was too big. I was surprised at how hard it was to find, but I was persistent and successful.
And the brushes I found will also work for the dryer (yay).

What should have taken maybe an hour ended up taking most of my kid free time.


But it's done and I've added a note to self...add cleaning the fridge to my regular cleaning cycle


always use the correct pan for Jello Jigglers.

Just sayin'.

May your weekend be free of hardened Jello Jigglers in your fridge!

Have a good one.



Photographing Mom said...

Thanks for the smiles this morning!
Love your daughter's jammies, too.

Kathi Carlson said...

Hey! Spilled (and petrified) chocolate syrup is no picnic in the fridge either. LOL. Good for you! You're pluggin' away. As for the Pampered Chef scraper, I just rediscovered mine. Marv had it "tucked away" in some obscure place. It's an incredibly handy little device. Speaking of... it's time for me to get to work! Enjoy your weekend, wonderful friend!

Sarah said...

You make me smile Jeanne! You know I started on a cleaning binge now too. I was able to give up my part time weekend job woohooo...and I promised myself I wouldn't waste the time. Started with washing the lower cabinets in the kitchen and the baseboard. Redoing 2 junk drawers...then attacking my closet upstairs. It's a walk in, and hubby took 5 large trash bags to goodwill...5!!!!! plus 1 trash can is full. All from one closet???? Thanks for the inspiration. The fridge is on my list as it is dust bunny central under there.

Kim Burmeister said...

Good for you! I hate cleaning the fridge and don't do it often enough. I can't imagine spilling jello in it. I think I would cry...hee hee!

Sounds like your cleaning is still going well and I hope to be inspired to do so soon.

Sharli said...

Holy Moley! What on earth are jello jigglers!?!? I'm sure they are NOT WORTH IT! However, I have laughed out loud at your post - what a great story! The Pampered Chef scraper is a miracle tool! I'm not telling what is spilled inside my refrigerator! Did you know that the refrigerator runs a lot more efficiently without the dust? I know - one more reason to keep it clean.

Carolyn Christie said...

Fridges... They are a dirty job when we have to clean them. But Oh so nice when they're done! I dumped half my chicken casserol on to the inside door of my oven. It got between the glass and never came clean. So much for self cleaning
Cute jammies!!

gloria in Utah said...

Too too funny, only because I've been there...done that. Didn't know about the Pampered Chef scraper tho. I will have to ask my friend that is a dealer. She normally gets me a little something for Christmas, and this could be it!! ( better than the whole wheat, gluten free, artificially sweetened, tastes like cardboard and has to be thrown out...stuff she gives me.) Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but I think she has some secret desire to make me healthy. Never mind that i need to lose 100 pounds... that's another story.. Anyway, you are reminding me that it's time for ME to do the fridges. Yes, I have TWO of them. With company coming for Thanksgiving, they are on my list of things to do..along with the entire house!!! Fortunately, my hubby is helping...Love the layouts too. I'm still fighting the digital aspect to my scrapping. Haven't gotten the bug yet. But looking at yours may just change my mind!!! Love them!!

gloria in Utah :)

Jena said...

Wow, what a cleaning adventure! I have to tell you that your past cleaning frenzies inspired me this past week - I cleaned out my spice cupboard, refilled spice jars and organized it - baby steps, but yay!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Oh, this cracks me up!! You are inspiring me to clean. Stop. Because, see, I don't actually clean, and then I feel guilty. In the meantime, I'm getting super jealous that you are into cleaning mode and I am not. Maybe I'll be bit by the bug this week, but no promises.

stampmonkey said...

Cute pic of Amy. Reminds me of how Chloe's not matching right now either. ;) Pick your battles, I always say. And it's been a good rule of thumb thus far so I'm sticking with it.

Sorry your Jigglers ended up to be such a long-running project. I've had Jell-O spill in the fridge before too...not fun. I can totally relate, Jeanne. ;) Glad you got it all done and that all your other resulting cleaning was finally accomplished as well. Not always fun in the process, but always a wonderful feeling once done. Yay for you!