Sunday, November 8, 2009

Second Hand Skates~Digi Layout

Hi again! This is my second post today, so feel free to check out both. *Ü*

I was able to complete the other layout I had in mind. Yay!

Jessica has been talking about wanting to take ice-skating lessons since her swim class buddy, Annabelle, started taking them. Steve thought it'd be smarter to take the girls on the weekend and let them try it out for a while before making any lesson decisions. So, he took them yesterday morning and apparently they had a blast. So much so that Steve started checking out used ice skates on Craig's List. Well, he found a pair that would fit Amy, but the seller was way out in the boonies and I wasn't willing to drive that far for a pair of skates. So, I piped up that I could check the thrift stores. Amy asked me to check after dinner last night. I knew Arc was having their 50% off Saturday, so I agreed to check it out. Talk about lucky! They had a pair for each of them! So, for about $11, the girls have skates to use on their ice-rink adventures. They were so excited they begged to go to the rink today so they could try them out. Steve willingly took them. (I personally am not a big fan of hurts my ankles too much, so I was content to let them have Daddy-Daughter fun).

Anyway, I took a picture of the skates and wanted to make a layout about them.

What do you think?
The journaling reads: Jessica has been talking about wanting to learn how to ice-skate since her friend, Annabelle, has been taking lessons. Steve took the girls to the ice rink to see if they would like ice-skating, and they sure did. Rather than take lessons right now, he’ll take them on the weekend. Their enthusiasm prompted a trip to the thrift store to find skates and we got lucky. Amy was thrilled at her “Olympic Style Skates.” She and Jessica have been walking around on them in the big room. The skates may be second hand, but the fun they are having is first rate!

Template: Kay Miller Designs, Collection 23
Page Kit: Arctic Antics (Kay Miller Designs)
Fonts: CK Ali's Writing and Century Gothic
Stitching: Jen Wilson Designs (feather stitch)

I think that's it from me today. My mental muscles are tired now. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you have a great start to your week.



Sharli said...

Ice Skates!! HOW fun is that?! I used to skate - haven't in many years now - Yoga fills that void in my life. My olympic style skates are with DD in Boston. Yes, the sound of the blade in the ice - I can close my eyes and still hear it. And the first time I felt like I "took the ice" and that it's didn't "take me". LOL That was a great memory, too. Thanks for the trip.

Another great layout - you've been busy this weekend! :-)

Sharli said...

Oops. TYPO - I meant to say "it didn't take me".

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh cool!!! I am SO jealous..I love skating. My kids have never tried it. Those skates look awesome. They will have a blast. LOVE the layout. Yeah for Dad's!

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely skate layout! Glad the girls had a great time. I'm with you...not really into it and plus it's cold, lol.

Angela2932 said...

Beautiful! I love the blue, and your photograph is wonderful! It has a fantastic POV and almost looks 3D on your layout.

Kathi Carlson said...

Another fantastic layout!! Good for the girls! Good for you for finding a deal on skates, and good for dad for being such a good sport and taking them to the rink.

I have skates but haven't been on them for a couple of years. Everyone skates in the frozen tundra. There are outdoor rinks all over town, and three indoor rinks. No stores to speak of in our little town but plenty of ice. Oh, and you can get ankle supports if you wanna give it a whirl!!

Kim Burmeister said...

Wow! I love this layout! Great job, Jeanne! I hope to get back to scrapping soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

Carolyn Christie said...

Great digi page and wonderful find!! My kids have never went ice skating. hmmmm

Angela2932 said...

Jeanne, you are such a sweetie! In fact, it's you who inspired me to also give Google chrome a try! And it does seem to work with the "next" and "subscribe" buttons. But you do have to have a google reader account. It's in google reader that you go to "settings" to drag the buttons, and then can use these on the chrome bookmarks bar.

Anke said...

wow, I thought I hit the wrong blog!!! LOs!!!! These are so very cool, I am so glad you did pages about your cleaning adventure :) That ice skating one is awesome, I love the colors! I haven't seen you scrap in ages, this is great, I love it. I messed up with my blog removing links in the text and I think that removed them from the photos too. Better luck next time!