Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pantry Clean Out~Digi Layout

Hello there!

Yesterday was Digital Scrapbook Day! I took advantage of a sale at Sweet Shoppe Designs and picked up a few kits. Then I tried to download the kits at the same time as everyone else. Not the smartest move I've ever made. It took forever because the server was overloaded. But did I wait? Nope, I kept trying and it took all afternoon. There were a few files that I couldn't get to download, so I finally gave up and finished downloading this morning. I didn't want to wait because I had a layout I wanted to create using the kits I bought, of course! But, I had to wait anyway, because I needed one of the files to get this layout made.
Template: Yin Template #145 (part of Daily Digi File #8) modified-I moved some pictures around to fit better
Page Kit: All in a Day's Work Collab kit by Heather Roselli and Libby Weifenbach
Font: Pea Missy

The kit is called All in a Day's Work and I thought it would be perfect to use with my pantry clean out photos. I liked all the little appliances and tools for cleaning that were included.

Remember when I said I had finished organizing all my digi supplies? Well, I was trying to pull up my templates for layouts using 10 or more photos and my attempts were pulling up bizarre selections. So, I ended up having to re-organize that part of my supplies before I started on the layout. But now all my new supplies are tagged and my templates are organized better AND I completed this layout!

So much for just relaxing after my busy day on Friday, huh? LOL Well, it may not have been physically taxing to do the organizing, but mentally? That's another story. (hee, hee)

I have another layout in mind to work on. We'll see if I get 'r done today...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a super day!


Sharli said...


WAY cool! I believe cleaning out your computer is just as hard work as cleaning out the pantry - maybe more so because you really have to think about how to organize and you must be patient or you can crash the whole thing! (At least, that's MY experience!)

I do LOVE your layout - the pantry before and after photos were great but this layout is even better! Good for you!

Sarah said...

You are the digi master! I am in awe...Love it Jeanne

Sparkle said...

What a neat layout! I love that vaccum!

Kathi Carlson said...

What a fun layout!! Everything about it is perfect. So cool to scrap everyday activities - not that you want to clean the pantry every day! Were I to scrap my day, I think the title would be "Housework can kill you!" LOL. I'll be glad to go to work tomorrow so I can rest up. LOL.

Have a great week, sweet friend!

Kim Burmeister said...

You are on a roll! This is s a great idea to scrap our daily lives. Awesome!

mE said...

I love this layout and love that you took both before and after pics!

I'm still sorting photos but hope to get them done soon so I can work on sorting and tagging new digi stuff and then have a digital scrapbooking BLITZ :)

Love ya!