Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Week

While I may not have any photos to share, I was pretty busy this past week. Steve had a business trip that took him to the east coast on Monday. He got back on Thursday. Because I don't watch tv during the day, I had no clue about the nationwide computer glitch that messed up flights. I did know about the detour I'd have to take to get to the airport though, thanks to the signs on Monday. Steve's flight was only an hour late getting back to Denver, so it wasn't too bad.

Tuesday was a whirlwind kind of day. The girls went to school, then we had swim lessons and Amy had Brownies (which was a finger food potluck). Amy wanted to be dropped off because"she's a big girl now," so Jessica and I did and errand or two while waiting to pick Amy back up. We had to do something I really wish we hadn't, as it just symbolizes being too busy to me. We had to go to the drive thru for dinner that night because there wasn't enough time for us to get home, make dinner and get to Brownies. I hope that doesn't happen too often. Of course, the girls loved it! LOL

I rented a rug doctor to clean the carpet in the one room that has carpet in our house. This is not something I normally do. I leave the carpet cleaning to Steve. But, I thought it would be nice to surprise him (and it was over due to be cleaned). While it didn't look as nice as when Steve does it, it looked better than it did when I started-dang I had to change the water so often!). I think he appreciated the gesture. And he gave me some pointers on how to best do the job (for future reference-should I ever decide to surprise him again *Ü*).

The one decluttering/organizing project I was able to start this week was working in a cabinet/cupboard in the kitchen. I pulled everything out of it and had it covering the kitchen floor. Just how do we managed to stuff so much into a small space is beyond me (and I didn't think to take pictures this time, sorry). I shifted around some items into the top shelf in the pantry, sorted through the rest and cleaned the floor of the cabinet. I put back what I wanted to for the moment and stashed the 8 million cookie cutters I found (not really, honest) until I can sort through them and put them into ONE storage container. I spent a little longer than I thought on this one space, but when I open it now and see space instead of stuff, it was well worth the effort.


Friday was kind of special.

Amy's teacher has a Mystery Reader come to the class once a month to read to the students. The Mystery Reader can be someone from the school staff or a parent. When I got the paper detailing what she wanted to do and that she needed volunteers, I immediately said I'd sign up.
Friday was my turn.
Amy's teacher had me write 5 clues as to my identity and she read them one at a time to the class in anticipation of the arrival of the Mystery Reader. The clues started out general and by the last clue the identity should be pretty clear. At the designated time, I knocked on the classroom door and heard a collective gasp that the Mystery Reader had arrived.

I walked in and immediately saw Amy with a huge grin on her face and tears rolling down her cheeks. She was SO excited to see that I was the Mystery Reader. Her reaction made tears come to my eyes as well. You see, Amy's gotten the short end of the Mommy volunteering stick most of the time (because I had Jessica at home). She's been very understanding, and it's not that I don't volunteer, but it's mainly been for parties and such.

This was something I did just for her
and it didn't involve Jessica at all.

I think that meant the world to her.

So, I sat down and read one of Amy's very favorite books,
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.
And she loved it.
The class loved it, too.

Amy's teacher is fabulous and she guided a great discussion on what was so appealing about the book. And I got to tell the kids I liked it too, because I had heard all the things the pigeon says from my own girls and it made me laugh.

It was a special time that I am thrilled to have been able to share with and for Amy.


I've been thinking I might have to ease up on the household stuff until after the holidays. I've got several handwork projects in the works and the best time to work on them is during the day while the girls are at school-so they don't know what I am up to. We'll see how that goes.

I am not sure how I did it, but I managed to sign up for three very different online classes that have been running at the same time. And I've not been able to focus on any of them. Sigh.
I'll get to it at some point.

Yep, it's been a busy few days, but it's all good!

Hope you have a happy Sunday!


Sharli said...

Oh Jeanne, your success at Amy's class was just wonderful to hear - I have tears in my eyes, too! Yes, it's the small things - the gifts of time, that mean the very most. When we're honest with ourselves, it means the most to adults, too. Children have known this for a long time - however! LOL

Your week sounds just wonderful. I had to laugh, what a typical guy thing for Steve to start giving you instructions on how to do it better next time! Still - it sounds like he was appreciative. That's a good thing!

I was in Joann's yesterday and saw all sorts of knitting and crochet patterns and thought of you! I don't have that particular talent . . . but these handmade things are so special. I hope you'll post photos of your treasures for gifts (after they're given, of course!)

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Oh, I love your Mystery Reader story! Very touching! I wish that Grant's teacher did something like that. I would be thrilled!

Kathi Carlson said...

Your Mystery Reader story has my wiping my eyes and blowing my nose, too. Amy will remember that experience her whole life.

You do realize that you may well have become the resident carpet cleaner, don't you? At least he offered pointers for next time. LOL. The deserved appreciation is always nice, too.

Your idea about slowing it down until after the holidays mirrors my own. I just want to maintain what I've already done so I'm not back to Square One come Jan. 1. We'll "git 'er done!"

Enjoy Sunday, wonderful friend!!

Sparkle said...

I'm glad you've had a great week! Can't wait to see your projects once they're done.

Sarah said...

Awww HOW neat you were the Mystery Reader..I bet Amy was So thrilled.
I love reading your's or not. Hope you had a great weekend.

Angela2932 said...

What a sweet story! It really warmed my heart and made me miss the days when my sweeties were little! I so hope you use some of these words in a scrap-page! And I know what you mean about de-cluttering and it taking longer than you expected. It's amazing that way! Time shrinks and stuff expands. Which are the 3 classes? I know one is the Blogging for Scrapbookers (and thank you again for it!); are you doing the Holiday in Hand at jessica's?

Jena said...

What a fun busy week - loved reading about your Mystery Reader experience, how sweet!

Carolyn Christie said...

OMG how awesome is that! Mystrey Reader. What a neat idea! I know my boys love it when one on one time is spend with just one of us.

No need to post pics all the time. I enjoy your stories and then i picture it. :) Have a Blessed Thanksgiving with your family!!