Monday, November 16, 2009

Half Finger Gloves~Crochet Project

I did some crocheting yesterday while I watched the Broncos self-destruct during their game with the Redskins. I've been working on these for a week or so. I found the pattern in the same Crochet Today magazine issue as the Gingerbread House I made earlier.
You can see the sample here.
I started the first one using the size hook called for (but was too lazy to do a gauge swatch) and I realized that it was going to be too small to wrap around my wrist. You can't see it, but each glove needs two buttons to close the wrist area. I might have forged on, but these are going to be a gift, so I pulled it out and started again with a larger hook. (note to self...doing a gauge swatch is not a waste of time) The second time worked much better. I got the first one completed the other night and started the second one. I pretty much finished it during my football watching session yesterday. I knew the pattern pretty well by then and it worked up very quickly. What's kind of neat about this pattern is that it is reversible, meaning I made the two gloves identically and simply turned one inside out to make it fit the other hand. Pretty cool huh? I still need to put the buttons on, but I have to find some that I like first. I didn't find the exact color yarn in the sample, but this color worked out well. It's called Razzle Dazzle and it's by Red Heart, the Heart and Sole line (the yarn has aloe in it and was designed to be used to create socks).

And for those of you who have asked how Jessica's big ouchie is healing, I took a picture for you.
Here it is as of yesterday morning. She wanted to pose with her new Beanie Baby Bear that I picked up at the thrift store on Saturday. I got a bag of something like 4-5 stuffed dolls for a buck. I also found one of the cutest giraffe dolls I've ever seen for Amy for the same price.
Anyway, as you can see her ouchie is healing very nicely. Thanks for asking.

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Hope you are having a good start to your week!


sharyncarlson said...

Lovely project. Can't believe it's reversable and I think the colors you picked are great!

Kathi Carlson said...

LOVE the gloves! Nifty, too, that it's reversible and you don't have to make the second opposite of the first. Gorgeous yarn/colors. Cool that it contains aloe. I wouldn't have guessed that technology has evidently hit the yarn industry, too.

Sweet Jessica and a cute bear. Her "ouchie" is healing nicely.

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, her ouchie is healing very well. I was wondering about this just the other day, when I say your digi layouts. That is awesome!

Your new gloves are wonderful! Nice colors!

Sharli said...

The gloves are beautiful! Who knew they could be reversible! I'd have never thought of that.

I'm so glad Jessica is healing up so well - before long, we'll never know it happened.

Sarah said...

Jessica looks adorable with her Beanie baby!!! That was one big ouchie she got there but it looks like it is healing wonderfully.
LOVE your gloves the colors are so fun.

Rachel said...

Love those gloves.

Carolyn Christie said...

Cute gloves! I bet you can whip up a pair so fast! Jessica healed well. She is adorable, beautiful eyes!!

Sparkle said...

Your gloves are darling! I love the deep bold colors!

Heather said...

These are all the rage right now - you da coolest, Jeanne!

(I'm still shuddering from Jessica's ouchie - acchhh! She does look better though. Poor thing!)

Anke said...

those gloves are awesome, I can't believe they are crocheted (is that even a word?) I should get myself that magazine, the girls would love these. Of course I won't have time to make them anyway :)
I am glad her ouchie is getting all better, she looks so sweet!

Laurel said...

Cute project and your little girl is such a sweetie!

Jen said...

cute gloves, glad the ouchie is going away!

AaronB said...

love the color on the gloves!!

Angela2932 said...

Those are very impressive gloves! I love the colors you chose. And aloe in the gloves???? That's amazing! I bet the yarn even feels better in the crochet! Thank you for the nice comments on my blog; you always make me feel appreciated!

stampmonkey said...

Your fingerless gloves are so pretty, Jeanne! I'm sure the lucky recipient is going to love them!! Beautiful job, as always. ;)

Jessica's boo-boo is healing nicely --she's such a cutie. Great deals on the pre-owned toys too!

(So sorry I've been MIA's not just your blog I've been neglecting, so please don't take it personally. This time of year is just nutso for me...I'm sure you know the feeling, although you probably are a much better manager of your time.)

I need to go make dinner but will be back soon to see what you've been up to and what other goodness I've been missing. ;)

big hugs, girlfriend!

MaddieJeanne said...

Jeanne is my middle name :) I love this gloves, I made some w/out a pattern, but the fingers keep tripping me up, your look perfect! exactly what I was looking for.