Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All Better-Whew!

Just thought I'd pop in here to say that Jessica was much improved by mid afternoon on Sunday and has kept everything down since then. She went to school yesterday and did just fine, so I think we are in the clear. Whew.

Thanks for all the well wishes for her. I really appreciate them.

I meant to write yesterday to tell you, but the day got away from me. One of my brothers' wives is in ICU at a hospital in CA. She had a bad reaction to diverticulitis that required surgery to correct. During surgery she aspirated into her lungs and has pneumonia. To complicate these serious issues, she also has Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Every day sees a tiny improvement, but it's going to take a while. Add to that, another brother just had surgery on his back. I think he said on L2-L5. He has a narrow spinal canal and tissue had built up in it. He also had two bulging discs. So, in his words, they roto-rootered the canal and filed down the discs. Thankfully, he didn't need rods or screws, so the recovery, while painful, will take less time than it could have had taken.

So, in addition to my projects, and Jessica, I've been just a tad distracted. But it sounds like everyone is on the road to recovery. Yea!!

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Clearly Inspired said...

Jeanne, I am glad to hear your Jessica is getting better. I will pray for your SIL. Boy, I went out of town and didn't know you were having such sickness at your house. The flu seems to be going around school here too.

Thinking of you!

Barb W said...

Hey Jeanne, so nice to hear your little darling is better. I, too, will pray for your SIL and brother. Take care now.

Anke said...

i am so glad she is feeling better, there is nothing worse than your little ones feeling sick!!! It is going around everywhere, I have been really lucky so far...